AJR - Way Less Sad
AJR performs the song Way Less Sad on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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  • Squire Donald
    Squire Donald

    This is one of my favs of theirs

  • Dan R
    Dan R

    This is the music that makes bears in the wild dance

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    Jack is the real life version of Kyle Brofloski

  • Lone Wolf Spiritual Channeler & Tarot Reader
    Lone Wolf Spiritual Channeler & Tarot Reader

    Collective Conscious going through a transformation, leveling up, in "Conscious Ascension", and now, starting to "Co-Create" with "Self" or "Spirit", and the more authentic, and true we are to ourselves, while always loving "self" and others, humanity shall prosper and happiness flows through the entire Universe.... Course, Like, Jac said, you can't be a "sheep", the fire is "spirit" trying to grab your intention, the woods, is the natural world, I come from Arkansas, it all means something, and there is true "magic" taking place, it's absolutely beautiful!! Take Care, and thanks!!

  • Gabriella Wolf
    Gabriella Wolf

    Anyone up for counting dead sheep?

  • Brian Enders
    Brian Enders

    here's the band dancing and lip syncing to their studio track

  • Rebecca St. Ores
    Rebecca St. Ores


  • Ernest Onwona
    Ernest Onwona

    I love the song, but that doesn't stop me for wondering how deep in the woods they're and what will happen if some wolves or bears came by. They were probably listening to the song from a fair and were jaming up to it too.

    • Awesome Gamer
      Awesome Gamer

      They’re in the forbidden forest

  • Rick grimes
    Rick grimes

    I am ok for no Coivd 19 I come for you What do you want to win ahahah

  • Seth Dupuis
    Seth Dupuis

    april fools joke

  • Coco Lemon
    Coco Lemon

    They’re getting so big now 😭🥺

  • Randall Scrivner
    Randall Scrivner

    I can’t believe how low the bar is for talent in the younger generations music. I grew up with Rush Emerson Lake and Palmer Boston Led Zeppelin Pink Floyd Eurythmics Talking Heads ..... These guys are a joke.

  • Cranjis McBasketball
    Cranjis McBasketball

    “Just give a quick description of the band” *panicking “Three human brothers”

  • SanicStudios

    I've just had a moment of realisation. Is this the same forest as What Does The Fox Say?

  • Atay Turan
    Atay Turan

    1:30 keeps his hat from falling off

  • Adam Met Please Love Me PYC Member
    Adam Met Please Love Me PYC Member

    Still love it i come everyday

  • Emilio Torano
    Emilio Torano

    The boys and Arnetta I SWEAR ARE SO BEAUTIFUL

  • Gabriel Williams
    Gabriel Williams

    Ajr slayed it

  • Reset

    2:04 is such a jam of this whole video, love the hand and head movements that jack makes there, so satisfying to watch

  • Eva J
    Eva J

    Today I found out this group and I cannot stop to listen to ALL their songs

  • max spits fax
    max spits fax

    I love that they are wearing the same clothes that their dolls are wearing on the album cover

  • RealKingBacon

    ISnets subtitles misses a few words but gets the overall lyrics correct

  • Fernanda Mesquita
    Fernanda Mesquita

    Ride - Twenty one pilots

    • Gecko Fire
      Gecko Fire

      the memories of that song 😔

  • Robert Garver
    Robert Garver

    i love how kimmel is no ones favorite late night host lmao

  • lemnug productions
    lemnug productions

    I hate u Jimmy. But AJR is cool so I liked. I did it for them. Not you

  • ItzDxnny

    this was 6 days ago i feel old.

  • xwichitax

    Ahh i love ajr !!!!!!!!! ❤️❤️

  • Ms.White Mellows
    Ms.White Mellows

    Me who's patiently waiting for AJR to b invited in the Grammy's award- :>> (Cuz They deserve one)

  • Rachel Bennett
    Rachel Bennett

    These guys really suck.

    • Rachel Bennett
      Rachel Bennett

      @JaredTSM subjective is right. Everyone is free to like or dislike. It's too pop for me. But I have nothing bad to say against those who like it.. to each his own.

    • JaredTSM

      @Rachel Bennett music is subjective so it makes sense. They have other good songs you might like

    • Rachel Bennett
      Rachel Bennett

      @EcoWindd like Oh gee I better get in step with the rest of the crowd and think like everyone else does? I don't think so. 😂😂😂

    • EcoWindd

      in a sea of 400 youtube comments, you're the only negative comment ive seen, how does that make you feel?

  • GOTY Official
    GOTY Official

    I can’t wait to see this live.

  • Newsboy Hoey
    Newsboy Hoey

    How did jimmy get that record???

  • Lindon animation
    Lindon animation

    I love this band

  • It’zSAKI_ summer127
    It’zSAKI_ summer127

    :D I think they’re gonna be more noticed :)

  • Wildan 11
    Wildan 11

    They are wearing the oko/ok orchestra shirts in the album foto

  • DJ Timo
    DJ Timo

    I'm glad that ajr has been getting a lot more media attention. They're great

  • Matthew Harbour
    Matthew Harbour

    I think the performance would’ve been a bit better if the vocals/mic volume was turned up a little bit

  • Kyle Newell
    Kyle Newell

    POV: you’re reading comments instead of watching the video

    • itsokaysdude


  • FluffySeaNut Draws
    FluffySeaNut Draws

    I hate jimmy kimmel but I’m only here for AJR.

  • Renegade

    Hate their music all you want, but you can’t deny the character of these guys. They are just so charismatic about what they do

  • Jeremy U's ReevU
    Jeremy U's ReevU


  • moe.q

    Finally getting more recognition

  • Ivan :-0
    Ivan :-0

    Im a simple man , I see AJR I Click

  • TheRManProds

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds


  • Space Guy Bob Productions
    Space Guy Bob Productions

    First and last good content from this channel.

  • Elijah Markson
    Elijah Markson

    “This band is made up of 3 human brothers”. Oh you don’t say

  • Chiedza Dziruni
    Chiedza Dziruni

    This song is so hype, why am I crying?

  • Fran Manzano Fernández
    Fran Manzano Fernández

    This band is sooo underrated

  • Mr Nice Guy
    Mr Nice Guy

    finally ajr deserves this

  • Decembrr

    Why does Jack sound spanish lmao?

    • starstruck 04
      starstruck 04

      he has like his own accent😭

  • Underdog

    0:04 They are a cute little dolls come on guys

  • oddy woods
    oddy woods

    This album is my moodbooster❤️🔥

  • Natalie Parker
    Natalie Parker

    I’m so happy they got to perform on Kimmel. I love, love, love their ISnets video of this song. And Bummerland. And Burn the House Down. And all of them, basically. And I’m really loving Adventure is Out There, a song ostensibly about socks😄

  • Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa
    Hưng Hoàng Nghĩa

    so good

  • piiig

    *Y E S*

  • Ariel Fabian
    Ariel Fabian

    Why does everyone sleep on them ;-;

  • ApplesInnit

    *”what does the fox say” music video vibes*

    • Oliver Q.
      Oliver Q.

      all those lights and stuff. lol

  • Ellie The Theatre Kid
    Ellie The Theatre Kid

    I love them so much 😭

  • William A
    William A

    Its been so much fun watching these guys grow to fame


    They really thought they could use the studio version and we wouldn't notice 😩

  • Alexzandrama

    Can we appreciate Arneta being a vibe in the background

  • Wendy Raymond
    Wendy Raymond

    Incredible amazing performance thanku so much love and god bless x

  • OneTwoThree

    They are dressed like the dolls.

  • TheRManProds

    BUT I'M WAY LESS SAD!!!!!!!!!

  • TheRManProds


  • xJustineLunax


  • Ryan Tech
    Ryan Tech

    Ryan's jumping while playing makes this performance all the more happy!

  • Lightning1327

    Imagine your hiking in the woods at night and you stumble upon AJR performing this

  • ariana c:
    ariana c:

    I recently discovered his music and it is simply art. I hope they win more recognition. I love them!!

  • Seline Davalos
    Seline Davalos

    I swear Jimmy said “Way Less Said” not sad lol. Just me? OK

  • The Nobody of Harambe
    The Nobody of Harambe

    What the heck is "way less said"???

  • Sagar Bala
    Sagar Bala

    Did he say “way less said” in the beginning?

  • Kerry Venus
    Kerry Venus

    Thanks Jimmy Kimmel, Guillermo Rodriguez Et Al.🙂 Thank you AJR; doubtless the Keeping kind!😁

  • Kerry Venus
    Kerry Venus

    Thanks Jimmy Jimmy Kimmel, Guillermo Rodriguez Et Al.🙂

  • Matt Khairallah
    Matt Khairallah

    You can't hate AJR. I love them so much!

  • Cami 12
    Cami 12

    I love them

  • Nicholas West
    Nicholas West

    "3 human brothers" Hmmm yes this floor is made out of floor

    • Matthew Brug
      Matthew Brug

      Is it? Are you sure that isn't lava?

  • twenty one heroes of olympus
    twenty one heroes of olympus

    Jack was just staring into my soul the whole time

  • Spencer Pinque
    Spencer Pinque


  • SpokenFlame

    This is giving me major "What does the Fox Say" flashbacks.

  • MSkera

    The perf!

  • Twinkle Shine
    Twinkle Shine

    I am here for AJR and ONLY AJR but I think I might sing I’m sorry oh I am now...

  • Maria Belen Donoso
    Maria Belen Donoso

    Amazing performance

  • Leslie Johnson
    Leslie Johnson


  • Mutant Bot
    Mutant Bot

    Was waiting for this and it was great.

  • Jackson Starship
    Jackson Starship

    I wanna know where jimmy got OKO on vinyl 😳

  • blanchsb

    “Three human brothers from not another mother”

  • Alexis Lozano
    Alexis Lozano

    Ryan is totally cute!

  • Sal Mon
    Sal Mon

    I was sad Then I watched this Now I'm way less sad

  • Kai Janzen
    Kai Janzen

    Who else came just for Jack's wacky dance moves? 👇

  • Julie Birnstein
    Julie Birnstein

    Someone please tell their trumpet player that she is beautiful and talented. She didn’t have to go that hard, but she did it to ‘em. 🥺♥️

    • Torin

      @heyman112 - SSBU from another video comment, I think JJ went to make his own music?

    • heyman112 - SSBU
      heyman112 - SSBU

      @SkinnyC123 I don’t think so I haven’t seen him in at least a year. My guess is that when they moved they had to drop JJ but I don’t know

    • SkinnyC123

      @heyman112 - SSBU is JJ still with them?

    • heyman112 - SSBU
      heyman112 - SSBU

      Yeah she pops up in most of the oko music vids she’s great

    • Force

      Her name is Arnetta Johnson. She’s been with the band for about a year

  • Ryan Connolly
    Ryan Connolly

    I’ve never wanted to slap a family so bad before...

  • Kiwiwioui

    Arnetta just vibin in the back brings me life lmao

    • Siff Trips
      Siff Trips


    • Adam Met Please Love Me PYC Member
      Adam Met Please Love Me PYC Member


  • Alien Girl
    Alien Girl

    Los amo la vdd 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Mission YT
    Mission YT

    Jim "Three human brothers" The crowd "yea😶 what else are they, ostrich's

  • Christine Davidson
    Christine Davidson

    Anyone else notice they are all wearing the same outfits as their porcelain dolls in the album cover?

  • Basic Map
    Basic Map

    these guys dont put out a bad song, haven't heard from them much but everything ive heard is top tier quality

    • Meagan Bradford
      Meagan Bradford

      Listen to more, please

    • ZiiKiiFF

      This full new album is the best they’ve made but it’s a big competition. I think it’s impossible for someone to listen to every song they’ve made and not directly relate to one

  • Sir Nink
    Sir Nink

    THREE HUMAN BROTHERS.(I personally thought they were alpacas)


    Why does this sound so good

  • blurr comments
    blurr comments

    i love this