Trump Fires Back at Fauci & Birx and Makes Babbling Wedding Toast at Mar-a-Lago
A container ship known as the “Ever-Given” was finally freed after being wedged in the Suez Canal for six days, we are learning more about the origins of the Coronavirus after reports from the WHO are saying it mostly likely took hold in an animal, Donald Trump put out a statement firing back at Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx after they both recently spoke out against him, Eric Trump is wondering why President Joe Biden hasn’t praised Daddy Donny for helping to fix the pandemic, Trump stopped by a wedding at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday and had some beautiful words for the bride and groom, Dominion Voting Systems is suing Fox News for $1.6 billion for peddling election fraud nonsense, MyPillow Mike Lindell believes Trump will return as President in August, multiple studies claim that human penises are getting smaller as a result of pollution, Devin Nunes and his team had to correct multiple mistakes on the financial filings made by his campaign treasurer (his mom), Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t been able to move into the VP’s official residence, the Elite Eight round of the NCAA tournament is underway, and since we have been holed up so long, we put an instructional video together illustrating how to act in public.
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  • Rose Wyers
    Rose Wyers

    You are a disgrace to your race you are not funny you have made a mockery of every comedian that is trying to do their job. God saved your baby and this is how you repay him by making fun of the president what a disgrace you are you make people sick I know so many people that said they quit watching your program of the way you act you are mean and you are evil and you will be punished you sat and cried because your baby was sick God healed your baby are you showing God the grace that he deserves.

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    Mike Lindell: Could someone be more crazy? Probably so, but he’s a big, crazy portion of insanity.

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    “Somebody take that poor little rodent fishing” I love it!

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    I don’t like cats, but that cat with a waffle on its head has a legitimate grievance.

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    The thing I think I will miss about the Pandemic are interviews with nothing but a Brooks Brothers suit from waist up, and nothing but the secretary there down.

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    Davin Nunez, “I slept in Mom”s bed until I was 11, and then the pastor came to our house and put an end to it"

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    Mike Bannon cannot control Mike Lindell. Where does Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny figure into this?

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    Miss him? Like a inflamed case of hemorrhoids. My God! Is that thing ever getting off media?

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    “One of his (Trump’s) friends married his long-time hooker, and the holy occasion was sanctified by Donald Trump vomiting all over it."

  • Donald Uhlinger
    Donald Uhlinger

    If you’re a man in your twenties, you know why headboards are frequently padded (that’s if you give a damn about your girlfriend).

  • Guido Mayorga
    Guido Mayorga

    looks like still smokes crack

  • Matt Eason
    Matt Eason

    Still on about Trump, huh?

  • Александр Курбатов
    Александр Курбатов

    bidens, harris, clintons, obama, ocasio-cortez, pelosi go to prison🤣👉🚔👮‍♂️

  • Александр Курбатов
    Александр Курбатов

    Trump re-elected legally president of the United States👍🇺🇸 is fact👍

  • mnicrashSoren

    Jimmy should stand with all of the late night white male hosts and cry about diversity

  • mnicrashSoren

    Jimmy should pretend he has no money and cry that his kid would have died without Obama care

  • mnicrashSoren

    Jimmy should stand behind women and make inappropriate sexual motions during this monolog

  • Karen Henry
    Karen Henry

    Did he seriously start talking about politics at somebody’s wedding!?!?

  • Borderline Boomer
    Borderline Boomer

    Canned laughter.

  • Alain Archambault
    Alain Archambault

    The usual tRump tactic of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Sarah Cook
    Sarah Cook

    Never give that "man" a microphone. Ever. Like.... ever.

  • Eddy Sokoloff
    Eddy Sokoloff

    That woman was a star struck maven who has no idea how poor her act of being abused doesn't wash...just doesn't wash.

  • Saffron Wetter
    Saffron Wetter

    U can't make low life people happy know Matter what u do. They always going to put someone elce down to cover up their own dirt,

  • uberfu

    ERIC: They did impeach your father ... twice !!

  • James Humfry
    James Humfry

    Jimmy Kimmel is as relevant as Maroon 5

  • James Allen
    James Allen

    Trump just happens to turn up at tge wedding in full tux...!??

  • Dirty T. Roy
    Dirty T. Roy

    Wedding crasher only job left lol

  • On the Air
    On the Air

    "TRUMP" The ultimate wedding crasher!

  • On the Air
    On the Air

    I'm so happy to say that I couldn't care less about what Trump says or thinks. What a relief!

  • A Nickerson
    A Nickerson

    Trump is addicted to having attention from people even a captive audience at a crashed wedding. Sad but compared to Biden, Trump at the very least was brave enough to face the media.

  • michael lingley
    michael lingley

    cant leave any comments censored bankrupt the country good plan

  • El Ingles
    El Ingles

    Every American must read George Orwell 1984. Here is a progressive liberal who saw what,s coming. Every prediction this liberal predicted, has come true. The globalist machine has took hold of the Democratic party, they don,t even know it. The MSM, Joint chiefs of staff and 80% of America know that election was rigged. The principle culprits to the globalist machine, is the heads of the CIA, FBI and leaders of the democrat party machine. America they did the same here in Britain, it was 4 years of winning hearts n minds. Trump won that election . Do not back down. DO NOT BACK OFF !!!

  • Spookshill Joe
    Spookshill Joe

    Kimmel is a complete A-HOLE!!!!!!!

  • Radschel E
    Radschel E

    The comment about the wind... No, the ships just got way too huge nowadays. Mostly useless stuff, also.

  • MsHburnett

    Jimmy is an avatar funded by the democratic liars fund

  • K K
    K K

    Every kid thinks it is mommy’s dearest child. So it Donny; he thinks he is the best president of the US, but has to say it(loud&clear) self, to convince everyone but most of all: HIMSELF! When does Donny realize he is acting as a spoild kid? He is fooling himself and nobody warns him.. Donny says he did not START a war.... Well he’s gonna be the president who killed over 100.000’s because of his stupid reaction on COVID! All these people are actually killed because of his denial of COVID.

  • j jdelany81
    j jdelany81

    It's the Maga comeback tour staring my pillow and the Donald, they started at old folks home and working up to the rnc

  • donnamariedemaio

    I'm pretty sure the My Pillow guy is on meth again. Two-Ton Trump looks like all he's been doing at Mar-a-Lardo is eating! Avoid those sand traps, Donnie! Yoh won't be able to climb out!

  • joshcx7

    Your democrat friends believe their voters are too stupid to figure out how to get an id to vote. Prove me wrong

  • Linda Ondovcsik
    Linda Ondovcsik

    The only bad habit here is Trump! What an idiot! Eric Trump is as stupid as his father, that's why he can say he knows his father better than anyone...must have been a very short education!😆 Who in their right mind would have their wedding there and let Trump speak at it?

  • larry mintz
    larry mintz

    Hillary did it🤣

  • Hypatia Atheiria
    Hypatia Atheiria

    the bit where he praised the couple is probably where his brain recalled where he was

  • Bill Crowhorse
    Bill Crowhorse

    You know some people you would just love to have 3 minutes in a ring bare knuckle you're one of them

  • TraversEarth

    At least we hear less and less of him but what you still see is clear he’s certifiably insane... I mean that letter about birx and fauci.... is laughably insane

  • 주희지현

    The embarrassed dollar orally tap because outrigger ontogenetically develop under a weak linen. aboriginal, aquatic group

  • Diane Little
    Diane Little

    That's so sad

  • Darkwingduck

    Too bad most TP is made locally is most states in the U.S, so.....

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith

    DON the CON (the Great Cheat O) just goes on and on ....


    Only a low IQ liberal would not like Making America Great Again, Thank Trump for the vaccine, Not brain dead Joe Biden!!!! its a fact Biden had nothing to do with the vaccine at all!!!!


      @Dëtox Nixon Oh i wont take the vaccine ,even if its mandated, i,m just simply pointing out to those fools who wish to take it, that it was Trump who got the ball rolling in record time, and now potato head Joe, is trying to steal the credit for the vaccine just like he stole the election!!!

    • Dëtox Nixon
      Dëtox Nixon

      The death rate is less than 1%. The vaccine isn’t that big of a deal so I don’t know why you’re praising Trump over an exaggerated plannedemic.

  • Spirit Love
    Spirit Love

    Video: Janet Ossebard full documetay The Fall of the Cabal

  • Liberty Justice for all
    Liberty Justice for all

    Jimmy kimmel Hell

  • Claudio Rodriguez
    Claudio Rodriguez

    The equable shrine jointly spark because product mathematically obey astride a impolite end. goofy, spiky asphalt

  • hansboofer

    Kimmy Jimmel is a fruit....

  • PJN P
    PJN P

    Trump looks like a failed stand up comedian that keeps telling the same jokes hoping someone will laugh.

  • dawn marie bigger
    dawn marie bigger

    This is why people have a Problem with President Trump. Omg, its Literally This Simple. Who does this.... a child would have done better. When Jan 6th wasn't the official deal breaker For ALL, it speaks volumes to what people will tolerant. Embarrassing. In life, sometimes a person does something so Horrible it Isn't forgivable. President Trump Didn't even gives Us a FAKE Apology. He didn't even acknowledge the people that Died. He NOW down plays the Seriousness of it. It also literally took 3weeks & 1day for forgiveness to set in from some Republicans. President Trump NEVER forgives. Remember what he did to his OWN Vice President.

    • dawn marie bigger
      dawn marie bigger

      President Trump is a "What have you done for ME Lately" character IS suppose to matter. I understand ALL politicians are LIE & probably aren't the Best of people, especially the More Power they have. President Trump is the perfect example. NOBODY Seriously can trust this man

  • CJ

    Jimmy Kimmel is such a parrot.

  • hint0122

    Hey Kimmel, when are you going to start making fun of biden?

  • manbtm1

    Trump is such an idiot, He’s the type of guy that stands in front of a mirror every day of the week and cries about how he lost and how unfair it was , in his mind he won, even though he can’t prove anything, the guy is one sick twisted person.

  • Paul Obrien
    Paul Obrien

    Shrinkage ? Ha , I forgot I had one . Things in mirror appear smaller than real . Beep, beep , beep .

  • Paul Obrien
    Paul Obrien

    Eric just wants a teddy bear, a hug and a beer . Sad , so sad

  • John Peacock
    John Peacock

    Has Bill Gates been arrested and executed?

  • John Peacock
    John Peacock

    Fauci and Birx are in the Deep State.

  • alpha tango
    alpha tango

    The amount they pay him for doing their propoganda

  • Ernesto Lising
    Ernesto Lising

    Poor guy maybe he doesn't know he is in a wedding not a campaign trail. Someone should have wake him up that time to save him from embarrassment. 😁

  • Gavin

    guys watching media like jimmy makes you hate trump. but you should actually get into and listen to what trump says cause hes not bad as media makes him out to be

  • Michael Lichtenauer
    Michael Lichtenauer

    There is no better lies than from the Trump family, they have the best lies of them all.

  • John Meister
    John Meister

    Jimmy, looking to you for political advice is like asking a homeless person for financial advice. Please stop and stick to bad jokes.

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins

    As it is slowly becoming self-evident that not all persons should have access to firearms, many should also not have access to the internet... particularly with audio/video.

  • john hopkins
    john hopkins

    "... the majority of the staff was marginalized..." majority > margin... ummm...

  • Smallstudio Design
    Smallstudio Design

    Trump writes good comedy.

  • buggyboogle9

    How strange. Two experts in the field of virology and he decides he knows better than them and not take their advice. And Eric, why does anyone listen to him.

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man

    Kimmel is a kid toucher.

  • Vicky Haynes
    Vicky Haynes

    why does he constantly have to tell himself that he's so great and have others tell him that he's so great constantly it's like you suffers from low self-esteem me constantly got to be groomed and pampered and told how great and marvelous is it say it's really sickening I mean I can't I can't imagine having to spend day in and day out with him he's exhausting patting him on the back constantly my God what he must have a hell of a deflated Eagle to have to and it's like having a balloon with a small hole in it or a tire with a small hole in it and he's got to keep pumping it up pump it up

  • Hugh Owens
    Hugh Owens

    ...this page is FULL of the mob-fueled nonsense of folks who are gonna get the vaccine that NEVER would have existed under any other president (there's STILL not a vaccine for H1N1 (not N1H1))...

  • david williams
    david williams

    Hahaha hahaha 👏👏👏👏🤣

  • ronzo


  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy

    The drummer in the band should have - Bada Boom after the end of Trumps statements. It would have made more sense.

  • Yumpin Yiminy
    Yumpin Yiminy

    Eric talks like an idiot and so fast he must be on cocaine.

  • Roger Victor
    Roger Victor

    Jimmy Kimmel is a hypocrite Just ask Karl Malone

  • Beachside

    little donnie, so stoned all the time. I don't drink, I don't drink, snifff, sniff, sniff.

  • Kelly Evans
    Kelly Evans

    Oh my god....trump is desperate for attention

  • Joyce Burke
    Joyce Burke

    This is a shame he went to the people's wedding confirmed he is a total unethical uneducated jerk.

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins

    Why didn't somebody shout "This is a ceremony for two people who are getting married - and you're talking about *_YOU"?_* And at 7:46 in the video, why didn't somebody shout "The election *_IS_* over!" God almighty - I'm sick of hearing about this man!

  • Student Of LIFE
    Student Of LIFE


  • tom k
    tom k

    Like Steve Schmidt says and countless others like Bob Woodward and Robert Reich Trump's the worst ex president to ever step foot on Earth who caused the worst Health Economic Housing Homeless Crisis in Modern History and Wrecked are Country with his lies bogus conspiracies and insurrections against his own country and capital brainwashed his people for money to bail him out of jail when all the 7 investigations against him finally surround him for good and put him in the most vunerable position he's ever been in his life staring at a judge and procescuters from all over the country finally showing the world who Trump really is the biggest coward and lier in us history who has been hiding behind his money for to long and used the oval office as his last ditch effort to hide behind that power to until finally it ran out and there's no more powerful seats to jump in now to avoid what's coming to him and all his cover ups lies and bribing officials and using fox news and a stranger's wedding to launch attacks against are democracy and the new America that's rising out of the ashes of Trump's catastrophic leftover mess he left for Biden to clean up and start healing and rebuilding a new safer one that cares about the people first with his 60 million vaccines out to finally start turning the tide against the worst pandemic in Modern History and give us as fighting chance at a real future with a massive stimulus relief to jump start the economy and infastructure of are Nation in the best way possible that everybody agrees with taxing the rich and powerful and there money hungry corporation's that's been bleeding this country dry for to long now and making the swamp bigger every time finally we have a real president not a pretend one that will get us back on track and help bring people together as one not divide and hate

  • Robert Navarra
    Robert Navarra


  • svgeg0stx

    now I am not a trump supporter but can we get a monologue that doesn't include Trump? Biden won! does your writing staff not have any more material left? i guess not

  • Carmelle Baelenge
    Carmelle Baelenge

    Man I love Jimmy Kimmel 😭

  • Adam

    Trump says, "I was the one to get it done, even the fake knows and reports this". WTF?! So, is Trump saying that the news is fake that "he got it done"? 🤣🤣🤣 Trump is sooo deluded!

  • Mrfixit Phone’s & electronic’s
    Mrfixit Phone’s & electronic’s

    Worst wedding ever 😩

  • Edmond Nwese
    Edmond Nwese

    This Jimmy guy is just a babbling comedian trying to stay relevant. How about you make fun of Biden falling down the stairs of airforce one? You can never leave Trump alone, same with your budies at CNN who jut lost 45% of its audence. Hahahahaha. So desperate for ratings

  • Pirom

    Lindell isn't going to have any money leftover for crack after the lawsuit

  • Pirom

    Trump didn't write that because there's not enough use of the word “huge” and it's kinda coherent Eric you're obsolete why do you have to go on tv when no one cares about you not even your father. That's a wedding speech?! Lol what a moron

  • Stephen Suiter
    Stephen Suiter

    KIMMEL is a straight clown and has no heart or balls WAR ROOM POSSE

  • John B
    John B

    Kimmel's gonna be on the couch for a week after messing up his wife's name.

  • Liberal Hypocrite
    Liberal Hypocrite

    Kimmel is part of the problem with this country

  • Corn Pop
    Corn Pop

    I feel like I need a shower after watching this. What a scumbag

  • Hugo A Osorio
    Hugo A Osorio

    more unhinged every day

  • Paula

    What does any of his verbal vomit have to do with toasting the bride and groom? And no, we don't miss you!

  • Len Hill
    Len Hill

    Is American coffee so bad that it sends you straight to the toilet? I hear this all the time, but only from Americans on TV.