Rep Matt Gaetz's Sex Trafficking Investigation & Uncomfortable Tucker Carlson Interview
One of President Joe Biden’s dogs defiled the hallway just off the White House South Lawn, Jimmy proves that Gonzaga isn’t a real school, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is reportedly being investigated by the Department of Justice for a possible sexual relationship with a 17-year-old and potential sex trafficking and gave a very bizarre interview on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana in New York, Trump’s former White House Trade Advisor Peter Navarro went on Fox News to spout nonsense about Dr. Fauci, and we look back at what was in the news one year ago this week for a new installment of “This Week in COVID History.”
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  • Nick Rowsell
    Nick Rowsell

    Tucker’s a shrewd cookie whatever his agenda ... dragging down into Gaetz’s mire wasn’t the interview gameplan

  • A L
    A L

    The comment section here lit up Tucker and Gaetz lol I was no disappointed.

  • Lainey M.
    Lainey M.

    I would've loved to be in the studio after that interview 🤣

  • Love Holiday By: Viction
    Love Holiday By: Viction

    Matt looks like a slick car salesman

  • Vara Hommik
    Vara Hommik

    Is there real people laughing?

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    the american right wing is ghastly

  • Joann Somers
    Joann Somers

    Kümmel is a jerk

  • Len Ovo
    Len Ovo

    Project Veritas exposed the inside story on this, with their undercover videos showing why the Matt Gaetz story is so big. Search "Project Veritas CNN" to find out the true story about this.

  • Kim Theadore
    Kim Theadore

    Omg fox put that guy on. How embarrassing

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson

    This show is only two weeks old and their narrative is destroyed by MSM... Day I indeed funded the research after it was stopped in the US by Obama. Now that's funny!

  • russell lacy
    russell lacy

    Matt Gates is the worst nightmare in political party as he exposes another participant in his sexual experiences. A TRUE MORON.

  • cj perry
    cj perry

    Those are such fake laughs

  • Diamant Brut
    Diamant Brut


  • Burr Anderson
    Burr Anderson

    The Tucker Carlson / Gaetz interview on Fox now has been doctored and of course no comments are allowed.

  • Arland Mv
    Arland Mv

    defining dushbaggery... mg

  • Ajiro Akomo
    Ajiro Akomo

    TUCKER Carlson and inmate are of European medieval peasant grifter mindset. A danger to simple human goodness.

  • C W
    C W

    This is all awful. If this is your entertainment: You are also awful. There’s no reason for anyone that comes to their own thoughts on their own fruition, to spend their time with what this tv stuff is now. Life is not about this. Become to your own thoughts, without influence. That’ll be the point where all sides are glad to hear each other. This chopped up click stuff that’s on a big network is so bad. Cmon. Let’s get back to honest conversation like I have everyday with anyone I meet, regardless of political stuff. It’s exhausting. Grow up

  • Blue BMW
    Blue BMW

    Gaetz: "These crimes I'm accused of are wrong. As proof of that the FBI opened a separate investigation that someone tried EXTORTING me for something" How would anyone be able to extort you if you never did anything illegal? Also Gaetz: "You and your wife went on a date with me and a woman who was threatened by the FBI" "I'm not the only one accused of horrible sex acts" Wow... They say if someone is drowning they will flail and grab ahold of anything to save themselves, and could actually drown someone else. That's kind of like what's happening here, he's trying different things - Distract with something unrelated (The new investigation less than a month old) & trying to use Tucker as an alibi

  • Sara M
    Sara M

    Wait pedowood is calling out sex with young girls, drugs and rock and roll? They are just pissed they weren't invited to the party. The demonrats invite them that's why they love them. 🤮

  • Kevin Ronald
    Kevin Ronald

    Kimmel is a waste of time

  • Jim Jones
    Jim Jones

    How can he expect for us to respect the law when people like him make and break the law. So sad

  • Kate Stier
    Kate Stier

    For the first time ever Tucker Carlson looked super uncomfortable. That was weird to watch.

  • Stefan Gopaul
    Stefan Gopaul

    The forced laughs is embarassing damn

  • Lady You Go
    Lady You Go

    Tucker Carlson needs to be investigated as to what he knows about Geazt since he said he Tucker met her investigate NOW immediately

  • D Boucher
    D Boucher

    Tucker living in Jimmy’s corporate head for free.

  • Joe Malonski
    Joe Malonski

    Matt Gaetz heart to heart with Tucker Carlson .

  • Joe Malonski
    Joe Malonski

    Fox News enjoys close relationship with sex offenders

  • Joe Malonski
    Joe Malonski


  • Laughs Trash
    Laughs Trash

    What's the big deal, trump took dumps all over the White House.

  • ElTudoBem

    What do you think Kimmels viewers are post orange man bad era..half?

  • Callum Rodger
    Callum Rodger

    And they wonder why republicans don’t like Democrats... jimmy isn’t funny he is divisive

  • tillrisen

    someone needs to make a tucker carlson confused look compilation it wouldn't be hard to do

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M

    You can tell from Matts haircut that he’s clearly guilty and a professional slime-ball

  • Sr Dug
    Sr Dug

    Nice laugh track mr jimmy

  • HummDrumm

    Was this wank rag ever funny?

  • Nick T
    Nick T

    Is Jimmy going to start crying like a little girl and pretend he has covid.

  • Eric McTague
    Eric McTague

    Kimmel is such a tool😂

  • jay

    Why isn’t Peter Navarro wearing his straight jacket?

  • jay

    Fox News on ISnets turned off there comments 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • bri bri
    bri bri

    My cousin graduated from Gonzaga. That whole joke seemed a little ignorant for someone from Vegas, which wasn't exactly the coolest place to be from back in the day. Anyone from Vegas knows what I mean.

  • Rosemary Woodhouse
    Rosemary Woodhouse

    Late night show hosts are losers

  • Katame


  • The Green Gardener
    The Green Gardener

    *Hydroxy-Quit-Alone* Leave it to Good ol' Rudy to Bungle that name up EVEN MORE than Trump!!

  • The Green Gardener
    The Green Gardener

    *Hydroxy-Quit-Alone* leave it to good ol' Rudy to bungle that up EVEN MORE than TRUMP! 9:05

  • Enemy Media
    Enemy Media

    Inverted reality

  • _Whittz_

    Starting to lose hope in both the left and the right

  • Lucy Mcwhorter
    Lucy Mcwhorter

    Kimble sit down and shut up

  • Katherine Milne
    Katherine Milne

    There was no cause to call the female host a heavily lipsticked dummy. If a republican did that, all the democrats would be calling them out for sexism. Its time for democrats to start calling each other out on these hypocritical behaviours so you get stronger.

  • BobbyBoyGaming

    I feel so sorry for Jimmy Kimmel, just stealing a bunch of Colbert Jokes and not even delivering the punchlines properly....

  • Comrade

    17.9 million brain dead peasant subscribers

  • Tim Smith
    Tim Smith

    Did Gaetz not pay for his lover's Happy Meal?

  • michael andreadis
    michael andreadis


  • Ritchie Rosson
    Ritchie Rosson

    Ha! I just did a parody video of Tucker Carlson on my channel.

  • b Silva
    b Silva

    The gamy drama intradurally trick because revolve resultspreviously fail across a public intestine. political, slimy birch

  • Logan Kreuzer
    Logan Kreuzer


  • Scot Walstra
    Scot Walstra

    Matt- One thing that might help clear matters up quickly, would be to take a polygraph test. I know if someone accused me of those sorts of damaging charges I would immediately.

  • Console Gamer
    Console Gamer

    CNN Viewers - want to know current events. Fox News Viewers- watch to be entertained.

  • John Townsend
    John Townsend

    Navarro is a fitting personification of trump's legacy, unquestionably the worst U.S. presidency of all time.

  • David Serkland
    David Serkland


  • Son 0f Jack
    Son 0f Jack

    “Every time you subscribe to this channel one of your enemies gets destroyed” - The “tolerance” of the left strikes again 😂

  • R1ngs

    Shilly Kimmel loves smoking parmesan with Hunter

  • Constant Comment
    Constant Comment


  • gap949

    Tucker is trying to hide his guilt !

  • YouTube Censorship Victim
    YouTube Censorship Victim

    That all you got? All his viewers are mentally ill? You’re a raging liberal. That says it all right there. HA.

  • Mercedes Roadruck
    Mercedes Roadruck

    The unbecoming dance postprandially kneel because earth conversantly measure among a rabid carpenter. goofy, incredible recess


    I don’t trust any media

  • Rosa Cruz Chiquini
    Rosa Cruz Chiquini

    Navarro needs to go sleep over what ever he smoked.

  • J L
    J L

    Tucker is on the level. Kimmel is as funny as watching concrete dry. Gaetz is a wanker.

  • E Mc2
    E Mc2

    REMINDER Fox "News" is being sued for Billions for Signal Boosting False Information related to Vegas Elvis Trump's Big HUGE Election LQSS. Perhaps Tucker Can join Loonie LQU Dobbs and Disgraced B.O Reilly in the Media wilderness of ISnets like Alex-Jones type IDIQTS

  • Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX
    Bʀᴀɴᴅɪ TX

    Cue the laugh track? I would think that there's not too many people who think that Kimmel is funny.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Matt loves goats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandi

    One of my nieces’ went to Gonzaga on a full golf scholarship. After graduation she went to work teaching golf and working in golf shops. We got a Gonzaga bulldog hat out of it, lol. 😉

  • Ian Himmelstein
    Ian Himmelstein

    Tucker Carlson doesn’t even believe him that’s hysterical

  • Ernesto Acosta
    Ernesto Acosta

    Fox took down the comment section for their video so I had to come here now

  • Plerp Plerp
    Plerp Plerp

    Why does Tucker's facial expressions look like he is to squeeze one out?

  • Irvin Herenveen
    Irvin Herenveen

    isn't it funny how qanon accuses democrats of pedophilia yet at the same time republican gaetz is under investigation of child trafficking 🧐

  • Wasted Dude
    Wasted Dude

    Yo, Matt! Your date WAS Tucker's wife! Oh God! HA-HA-HA!!!

  • Aladdin Sane
    Aladdin Sane

    I think the main problem in the US is that too many people without a clue of anything have a plattform on TV.

  • Devil Lopper
    Devil Lopper

    Funny how butt hurt Tucker looks when he's the target of the lies instead of when he is the one propogating them...

  • Suzan Anderson
    Suzan Anderson

    Nice to know about Biden's dog. How about all the suicides because of "Covid' and Hunter Biden's laptop?

  • j nome
    j nome

    That’s so funny!!! Lol!! They eat their own. Hypocrisy & lies will lead to destruction. Repents guys!

  • Hugh Manne
    Hugh Manne

    Pop quiz: who is more despicable; Matt "Neanderthal" Gaetz or Tucker "Confused Dog" Carlson? The answer is, of course, "Yes!"

  • mike mallery
    mike mallery

    Matt Gaetz is the epitome of everything wrong with the GOP.

  • jimmythespy


  • nick skubinna
    nick skubinna

    Just watched the interview on the faux news channel and it really seems that Tucker Carlson was very put off by being implicated in possible misdeeds, but it seems that Gaetz was leaning toward what Carlson knows through their shared dinner experiences. Was he trying to say that this 17 year old in question was the same girl he brought to dinner... that would make her about 19 years old right now ☠

  • Olga Vieira
    Olga Vieira

    Tucker, you remember my date, she ordered a hot chocolate

  • mcaddicts

    Tucker come on we met her at Jeff's Island.

  • Crow Flight
    Crow Flight

    I'll have whatever she's having!

  • Robert Kilgore
    Robert Kilgore

    The world knows about the vamps

  • r m smith
    r m smith

    That wasn't Biden's dog, that was a right wing protester storming the White House.

  • Cass Chris
    Cass Chris

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  • Tonya Sanders
    Tonya Sanders

    The deserted license concurringly educate because dentist curiously bless by a curved pastor. rough, knowledgeable stepmother

  • Papascrub

    Jimmy Kimmel is pathetic.

  • Beatriz LOVE
    Beatriz LOVE

    When I heard sex trafficking, I thought he was running a whole operation like wtf

  • French Toast77
    French Toast77

    Yup . Tucker Carlson will be called in as a witness ... Tuckers face changed so fast - it looked like he saw a ghost . He knew exactly what Gaetz was talking about. Such a shame .

  • HotRod Mama49
    HotRod Mama49

    Tucker is surprised for the first time that he supports the Party of Weirdos???

  • Middle Class Life
    Middle Class Life

    You all know that they are saying that Tucker Carlson suffers from a brain tumor that is impairing his judgment and ability to think clearly

  • Alonso Sevilla
    Alonso Sevilla

    The careless shape presumably bake because calendar cephalometrically separate worth a robust lion. homely, tough match

  • Elena DeRoet
    Elena DeRoet

    Matt looks like Gaston come to life, without the physique.

  • Alweezee

    Are people really laughing or is that a laugh track?