Jamie Foxx on Getting Older, Pandemic Life, and His Dave Chappelle & Al Pacino Impressions
Jamie talks about getting older, having a bunch of people living in his house, going on a trip to Miami during the pandemic, making his new sitcom “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!” with his daughter Corinne, David Alan Grier playing his father, working with Jimmy on “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: The Jeffersons” and his daughter Corinne working with Jimmy on “Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Good Times,” plus he does impressions of Al Pacino & Dave Chappelle and throws cash at our staff sitting in the audience.
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  • Blak Bleach
    Blak Bleach

    Foxx is the 🐐

  • Regina Brown
    Regina Brown

    Love Jimmy Kimmel he interviews so well with his guests. Jamie Foxx love him and he is so funny. 😄😄😄

  • Luke Knizley
    Luke Knizley

    I want Jamie to do an impression of me, because then I’ll know for sure what I sound like to other people.

  • Jessica Wakefield
    Jessica Wakefield


  • Akuna Uusiku
    Akuna Uusiku

    Jamie Foxx is 53

  • Rainman

    Been totally consistent since In Living) Color...you KNOW ur gonna laugh when he shows up( like Eddie Murphy, Dave Chappelle,etc)...hilarious stories...

  • YumTide Pods
    YumTide Pods

    We all love Jamie Foxx here but has anyone tried watching that show? The writing is so bad, it's painful.

    • YumTide Pods
      YumTide Pods

      That was a really good Chappelle impersonation tho

  • Kia Orion
    Kia Orion

    Jamie is a LEGEND

  • Daddi Diesel
    Daddi Diesel

    In a joking way i feel like when they went to break he was like... so Yeah Imma need that money back lol. Long live Jamie

  • Luciano

    How the hell did he sound just like Dave Chappell man

  • John Bae
    John Bae

    Jamie TEARS it up every damn time 🔥🔥🔥 cold killer

  • June Love
    June Love

    Rip Jamie

  • Yohanes A
    Yohanes A

    The funniest guy alive!

  • Car Guy Repair
    Car Guy Repair

    please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENTS and share with your friends. We will have alot of great videos coming soon. thank you.

  • Hollywood Cole
    Hollywood Cole

    Yo i didnt know he had that chappelle in his back pocket

  • Chonsae Howard
    Chonsae Howard

    This dude truly amazing and gifted!


    💪🏽🖤🖤✅ BOTH OF YALL 😅👌🤓

  • Viivi Ahola
    Viivi Ahola

    was the priest looking like Outkast deliberate? 😂

  • Howard Marshall
    Howard Marshall

    Jamies a damn fool I love him for it

  • Mondo Shredder
    Mondo Shredder

    Un-real. Is there anything, or at least any personality, that this man can *not* do???

  • George Walsh
    George Walsh

    I’m glad he didn’t knuckle the guy who brought an elbow at the invitation to knuckle Jamie!! Such disrespect in the guise of Covid protocols!

  • Ms. Rawkii Joy
    Ms. Rawkii Joy

    The dynamic between the Sagittarius and the Gemini is fascinating; they thrive off each other so I can actually see this show lasting for a bit. Sometimes greatness can’t be rushed! Good look, Foxx! 😘🥳

  • Renee Morris
    Renee Morris

    Jamie, thank you for being so funny. You get me everytime!

  • Oyin Jones
    Oyin Jones

    He’s the most talented man in Hollywood

  • Tony B
    Tony B

    God bless this legend man

  • A 808
    A 808

    His face will make anyone laugh! 😂

  • Louis Richner
    Louis Richner

    The lighting guy had a tough job that day haha

  • Javian Johnson
    Javian Johnson

    Jamie Foxx needs to be protected at all costs 😂

  • Ankneetah Bey
    Ankneetah Bey

    Do not let your children see his new show! Stop embarrassing me dad has Tacky sex jokes. Moral code is gone. A child should not be in the show. Not representing the black community. Disgrace

  • Dawn Wrenn
    Dawn Wrenn

    Add Tommy Davidson to his show

  • Ronell Evans
    Ronell Evans

    *imma ask this one last time. Who was funnier in their show Jamie Foxx in The Jamie Foxx Show or Martin Lawrence in Martin?. Based on them alone & not the co-stars. I’ve always said Jamie Foxx was funnier & still is. Martin had help with Tommy, Gina, Pam & Cole*

  • PeaceLove &Music
    PeaceLove &Music

    ABSOLUTE LEGEND!!!!!!!!! He oozes talent and charisma 😍😍😍😍

  • Psychedelic Anxiety
    Psychedelic Anxiety

    Jamie the king❤️❤️

  • RandomNest

    His Chappelle impersonation was on point. 💯💯💯

  • Kiko A
    Kiko A

    God loves you, Trust Him and pour all your cares upon Him. Talk to Him, you can lean and depend on Him. We all need Him, call on Him, accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior ( Romans 10:9) repent all your sins and ask Jesus to come into your life. Pray daily, read your bible and get even closer to the Lord. Forgive those who trespass against us, let love flow in your heart. Each day God allow us is a blessing, be thankful unto Him❤

  • Samuel Pierce
    Samuel Pierce


  • Mary G
    Mary G

    He's hilarious, sounds like a badass show, "we" love comedy.... eternally n gratefully Yours, Francesca The Loud.... Have a great week, y'all!!! Drink plenty of water, brush teeth, and have FUN, Dear Seventeen!!! wink, wink

  • Juliette W
    Juliette W

    Who dare do a Dave Chappelle impressions??? The Foxx......

  • Juliette W
    Juliette W

    Great interview Jimmie K. Foxx can be watched all day. He's such a unbelievable talent. Naturally!

  • Alexis G
    Alexis G

    The Dave Chapelle impersonation 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Drstoo

    Sorry for mentioning this here, but when laugh and watch this excellent interview between to really fun people. I ask myself how on earth is it possible for a police officer to do something so vicious and violent to another human being. In this case George Floyd. Unrelated I know but still . Just saying

  • Battle Worthy
    Battle Worthy

    Chappelle was spot on! POW! Wutang!!

  • Roland and Shukura
    Roland and Shukura

    Hello everyone if you're reading this, let's silently or pray loudly for our health and wealth. God please heal the broken hearts and hurtful situations, especially the ones who can't be able to read this at the moment and those who are. Amen 🙇🏽‍♀️🙇🏾‍♂️💓💯

  • Goitom Gebretsadkan
    Goitom Gebretsadkan

    died on dave impression part

  • Jasmine Jazi JAZ
    Jasmine Jazi JAZ

    Jamie nailed the hell out of D.C

  • David H.
    David H.

    Jamie's Preacher character looks like Andre. 3k.

  • David H.
    David H.

    08:23 Jamie stuffs a $20 into Guillermo's pants.

  • Waymond Childs
    Waymond Childs


  • John Mausteller
    John Mausteller

    This is awesome

  • T Eugene
    T Eugene

    I could listen to Jamie tell stories for hours....

  • Diamond Sabwe
    Diamond Sabwe

    Even after retirement Jamie Foxx will make millions by story telling :)

  • Nicholas Assad
    Nicholas Assad

    Jaimie got a "PAUSE" off on Kimmel... legend.

  • Eileen Robinson
    Eileen Robinson

    I had never really though of him as a comedian - until now! Just re-watched the soloist!

  • Ricky Bobby
    Ricky Bobby

    17:47 ??

  • Angie

    Jaime’s celebrity impersonations are the best🤣🤣🤣🤣!

  • Dave Dix
    Dave Dix

    Greatest entertainer of all time!!!! 🙌🏾 🙌🏾 Who wants to argue

  • Darren Washington
    Darren Washington

    He's high on "sum'n IJS'N

  • Charles Matthews
    Charles Matthews

    I got to say I enjoied this interview of Jamie Fox the last time I saw an interview was when he spooke about the how he made music with Kanye West in particular the Gold Digger Track. He is extremely gifted and blessed.

  • Nitro_001 Newman
    Nitro_001 Newman

    Jaimie Fox is the cure for boredom.

  • MamaDee

    His impressions of Dave and Al Pacino are on point.

  • FaeDera

    Jamie trying to drink that water ahahh

  • Frenchy

    Jamie got the light man WORKIN!

  • Frenchy

    THE BEST TO EVER DO IT!! same energy!!

  • DEE Antonio
    DEE Antonio

    You can feel Jamie Foxx's energy through your screen. It feels like he has a killer stand up set he's itching to do lol

  • Seven Nine Three
    Seven Nine Three

    Best hair transplants in the game

  • Story React
    Story React

    Ramadan Mubarak to all lovely Muslim brother and sister around the globe 🌎

  • Kiko A
    Kiko A

    It's so much evil in this world, please make Jesus Christ your personal savior, repent and ask God for forgiveness. Time is running out, please be ready when death comes and be ready to rest with God, please live righteous and please God. My prayers are with you🙏.

  • Jay Mar
    Jay Mar

    Love Jamie fox...that clip got me save me half of that...lol

  • Taylor Moye
    Taylor Moye

    He does a great Leo, and Quentin too

  • Leonna Lee
    Leonna Lee

    This man

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    Keenan Ivory who...?

  • Denisse Herea
    Denisse Herea

    Jamie is magic as usual, but dude, I don’t wanna be rude, what happened to Kimmel 😦 I admit I didn’t watched the show rigorously, but I don’t know his face it’s kinda weird. Maybe it’s just me 😬

  • Dee flow
    Dee flow

    Damm must be nice to just throw money in the air with no problems

  • TimrodTV


  • TX GT
    TX GT

    What is hilarious just call it life

  • TX GT
    TX GT


  • dtucke17

    Jamie got that spray on hair going.

  • Joey Gulley
    Joey Gulley

    you can shake hands now

  • AMichelle

    Same Energy!

  • Kenny Ray
    Kenny Ray

    Great Interview

  • Spartan

    Jamie Foxx is seriously the best. There are so many GOATs, Dave and Jamie are definitely in the top 5

  • Makkdee

    Jamies interviews are a stand up special!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Eriq dancun
    Eriq dancun

    Jamie Foxx is quite gifted! Keep on keeping on, Jamie! Love you Man!

  • Black Sheep Rave
    Black Sheep Rave

    One of the best interviews ever

  • Danny Herrera
    Danny Herrera


  • Simba Goat
    Simba Goat

    Jamie fox goated

  • Lost soul
    Lost soul

    Cringe bro

  • RSAT Security
    RSAT Security

    "I did Dave Chappelle....pause" lol

  • Samuel Simuyandi
    Samuel Simuyandi

    The Dave Chappelle.....ikikikiki

  • yusiyola2011

    Lmao yo he’s great

  • Mod Juarez
    Mod Juarez

    Same Energy!

  • Fabian Marshall
    Fabian Marshall

    Hes breaking all COVID regulation with the money and water

  • Bolaji Gbadebo
    Bolaji Gbadebo

    This man was born to entertain

  • Yves Antoine Nadig
    Yves Antoine Nadig


  • GYAWI Movement
    GYAWI Movement

    The vagabond dugout unlikely turn because alto topically attempt about a tenuous calculator. erect, first locust

  • bigdogbnb

    Cuz don’t know where he wants his hairline to be

  • Tracey Johnson
    Tracey Johnson

    Dang....I didn't know Jaime Foxx did impersonations..his Dave Chappelle impersonation is dead on..Jaime Foxx is still one of my favorite celebrities..he can act.. he's funny and that man can "sang"!

  • Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil
    Te'Devan Kriyavan Kurzweil

    His young Dave and old Pacino are incredible the other 2 weren't quite as on point.

  • Ed Esteezy
    Ed Esteezy

    What happened to his tattoo on his head??

  • Yago Nascimento
    Yago Nascimento

    imagine being in the same room of Jamie, Eddie and Dave just chilling and telling jokes... phew