Wyatt Russell on Playing Captain America in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Wyatt talks about playing Captain America, knowing nothing about comics and the Marvel Universe before getting cast, putting on the costume, his dad Kurt Russell also being in the MCU, and the family RV road trip in quarantine.
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  • Henrike Voigt
    Henrike Voigt

    he is such a good actor i'm really interested how john walcker will develop

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

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  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

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  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

    Seha kahtae. Ki gae. Eh. Sikuer jae. Sikha Deb. Kana kayal jae chae. Ki gae. Baki appne Rahat. Ki rau. Samajho. Bauwa bacha Ka. Bina ooe ke bhetal rahae. 45 wala ke Bina. Nae. Chal saabit Kar. Bhaak. Kon hai. Pakarre raho . Mujhe Accha lagta hai. Ki rau Maxwell. Bhaa

  • Vivek Kumar
    Vivek Kumar

    Lalit Taaka master KO kya Bolna hai. Chut Jayega. 1 2 ya Raat ke 1.5 bake tak. Taaka master dega. Kya Bola tha. 12 tak le liyo. Inka kaam hi kya hai. Truth is happiness me atak jaata hai matter. Kishor par. Jagmaga jettae. Kaeh debbau. Reference till that time. Exact ++ wants. No way.

  • modern era
    modern era

    Hate the character, not the actor!!!!!!

  • Md Al taqiuddin
    Md Al taqiuddin

    Fake captain america😡😡😡

  • Singularity

    Idk man... I liked his character on FATWS. Particularly when he shoved that shield down that guy's throat. 😘

  • Liko Ironherron
    Liko Ironherron

    You know he’s a good actor when no one likes his character

  • Ved Parab
    Ved Parab

    When people hate the character that plays the villiain that means the actor has done an amazing job.

  • Ariel Aviles
    Ariel Aviles

    He is an amazing actor don’t know why people hate on him

  • Boss Animz
    Boss Animz

    Since Im not a person who hates a character and hates the actor who acted that hated character and actor, Am I the only one who hasn’t saw a single hate comment or post about this actor? Cuz seriously his acting was so on point even though he hasn’t read any comic and at first glance you can already tell his character is going to be a bad guy, so the haters, just stop and get some help.

  • J. J.
    J. J.

    What if his acting was so good because he's REALLY like that? Kinda like Vince Vaughn in every single movie he's in. Jkjk

  • Ismael Cesar
    Ismael Cesar

    He's an excellent actor, playing a disklikeable character.

  • iPandaliciouz

    Don’t hate the actor, hate the character. He did an amazing job. I’m a fan.

  • mandalor-83 1
    mandalor-83 1

    What a real cool layed back guy total opposite of his character which shows the makings of a great actor ...

  • Chinmay naringrekar
    Chinmay naringrekar

    you know he's a good actor coz of all the hatter people give

  • TheMilkman V11
    TheMilkman V11

    Okie but that shirt tho 😗

  • DDDeepikaaa

    He's such a chill dude and such a great actor I hope we get to see more of his character in future

  • Maria Fernanda Barata
    Maria Fernanda Barata

    Wyatt Russel is such a nice person, don’t confuse him with his character! And btw, he did a wonderful job portraying John Walker

  • FalconFXICCY

    Maybe the fact that some people are so quick to confuse Wyatt Russell in real life as his character John Walker in the show proves just how good of an actor he really is.

  • hyperfex

    Snake Plissken Jr.!

  • DoggedSam42 -
    DoggedSam42 -

    I’m glad Falcon and the winter soldier got this man the attention he deserves.

  • Sam Wolfe
    Sam Wolfe

    ohhh I didn't know he was kurt russell's kid 😂

  • Retro Demos
    Retro Demos

    He is up there with the actors and actress of Celsi Lannister and Homelander.

  • Grandpa James Community
    Grandpa James Community

    Hate the character not the actor there’s a difference

  • Jason Curay
    Jason Curay

    the Kurt Russell in him is so strong lol

  • Robin Hamal
    Robin Hamal

    I hate those people who don't understand about actor and action hez a amazing actor hez drive everyone mind from falcon and bucky everyone want to see him in falcon and winter soldier

  • Bhavin Barbhaya
    Bhavin Barbhaya

    This guy is a legend just give him Oscar he managed to put out so much emotions on us in jst two episodes !

  • Valentine morris
    Valentine morris

    The guy in the audience who is laughin to everything.. Hahaha

  • aasif khan
    aasif khan

    Hate the charecter not actor...... He is good

  • aasif khan
    aasif khan

    He is nice actor fabulous acting

  • Madblaster6

    So is Overboard cannon now? 😉

  • Matt Higdon
    Matt Higdon

    He’s such a cool guy

  • Syafiq Hasis Mohd Yusoff
    Syafiq Hasis Mohd Yusoff


  • Marion Hope
    Marion Hope

    He seems like an awesomely talented & genuine dude! The fact that people hated on him & sent him death threats is soo saddening!😔

  • Yeazy tech
    Yeazy tech

    Wyatt Russel have done amazing work proper justice to the John walker character, I'm become a big fan of your wyatt russel, love from india🇮🇳❤️

  • Aditya Shekhawat
    Aditya Shekhawat

    You know you have done great acting as a villain if people start hating you, that's talent y'all.

  • Faizan Max
    Faizan Max

    This Beard is Something Else :D

  • Archie Miras
    Archie Miras

    When i found out the he it the Corporal from the Overlord, I know this will be awesome..

  • FiveSix Grizzly Media
    FiveSix Grizzly Media

    Maaaan Wyatt Russell is such a great actor BECAUSE people hate his character John Walker as Cap.

  • Sreejith Sreejith
    Sreejith Sreejith

    We love you Wyatt❤️❤️

  • ヒカチャンD

    This guys is such an amazing actor. Pls don’t hate it’s his job and he’s great at it.

  • MrGeorge102

    He is the son of Kurt Russel ofc he is a good actor

  • Kash_108

    Am I the only person who actually likes John Walker?

  • Morpheus

    Honestly, He's an amazing man, Despite of his character ofc 😁 But You cant hate the actor because of his character.

  • Butter Scotch
    Butter Scotch

    I really hate his character and that shows how great of an actor he is.

  • Tay eu
    Tay eu

    hes try so not to talk too much about the show and character in the future

  • Mark Dowling
    Mark Dowling

    Wyatt Russell is a fantastic actor and his portrayal of John Walker in TFATWS is amazing.

  • Eryk Palacz
    Eryk Palacz

    he didn't deserve the hate he's a nice guy

  • Rusty Russell
    Rusty Russell

    Hey folks, do yourself a favor and go watch "Lodge 49"


    dude is a good actor tho, the fact that he made me hate him in that series proves that he is a capable one and successfully did his job. walker is a misunderstood and quite a crazy dude which he portrayed successfully👏

  • Miles Law
    Miles Law

    The fact that Wyatt is such a laid back guy and know so little about the MCU make his performance even more impressive.

  • Khaleesii Lorry
    Khaleesii Lorry

    He's cute though I hate him as John Walker , I love him as Wyatt.

  • SnooksV3

    Wyatt took the show to the next level. I couldn't wait for his next scenes.

  • Chill Out
    Chill Out

    I think that he played the best John walker anyone could because he is supposed to be likable and unlikeable at the same time

  • Ayzel Is a Cat
    Ayzel Is a Cat

    I haven't seen TFATWS so I am watching this guy not having an idea how his character in the show is., I can say he is a humble and nice guy. And only great actors can affect people.

  • Bee Well
    Bee Well

    Father played a Marvel vilain.. Son: i dont know nothing

  • Harby Andre Franco Fernandez
    Harby Andre Franco Fernandez

    I don't use twitter, but for the people who do, please shut some the idiots hating on this guy just because he's doing a great job at playing the villain... He's doing a great job, wether you think he was right for the role or not

  • Aidan

    Liked him before, love him after this. he seems cool and wholesome!

  • Shakil Ahmed
    Shakil Ahmed

    If people hate him,then he did very good job as a actor.... Really a great actor....

  • Kendzyora Rachmanda
    Kendzyora Rachmanda

    He should be an actor for a Jesus film


    I love his acting

  • Ajay R
    Ajay R

    After the last ep my respect for John walker increased sky high. I don't care what he's gonna do from here on I am gonna root for him hard.. Wyatt Russell is such a brilliant actor..

  • mr sinner
    mr sinner

    He Looks different person in every single scene.., 🤷

  • Andréea Chamallow
    Andréea Chamallow

    I hate John Walker AS MUCH AS I love the actor. 😊

  • Matthew Iversen
    Matthew Iversen

    The way kimmel hates america...

  • Joshua Chung
    Joshua Chung

    hes such a good actor that people started attacking him in real life.

  • Jose Luis Zaragoza
    Jose Luis Zaragoza

    I liked him in black mirror and i like him in fatws

  • kylerknows

    Surprised they let him. The writers & director seem to not like white people

  • Oblivion

    great actor

  • L K
    L K

    Probably grew up with lots of women's influences not to know the marvels

  • James Magdangal
    James Magdangal

    Sometimes mcu fans are toxic fans because the new captain America And who the fck are you to judge an actor to play role captain America

  • Yigael Vidz
    Yigael Vidz

    HIS CHARACTER IS SUPPOSED TO BE HATED do you see bucky’s reaction? Dont hate the actor Altough im i like his cap a lot more in the reacent eps

  • Jason Latorre
    Jason Latorre

    Dude I didn’t know who his parents are until now, that’s cool.

  • dank gaming
    dank gaming

    Bruh the people whohated him in irl are just fhay just took it to far and honestly half of my self hates john walaker but i like the actor hes cool

  • Gundam117

    Didn’t know Kurt Is his dad but now I see it

  • Batt0usai377

    He looks like he's cosplaying Tormund but didn't have much budget.

  • CoffeebeardTV

    Wyatt is captain america in real life.

  • CoffeebeardTV

    Phenomenal actor

  • Luan Nguyen
    Luan Nguyen

    He needs to be Jack Burton in the Big trouble in little China reboot

  • Apratim Mitra
    Apratim Mitra

    What Russel is a fricking legend


    Love you Russel

  • Nawin Rueangsungnoen
    Nawin Rueangsungnoen

    He is a great actor and amazing guy

  • ハンソム・ハンス

    We need more of Wyatt Russel's US Agent/John Walker in future MCU shows and movies.

  • w87g8765

    People hated him at first, now they don't after they have watched ep5

  • Akash Tamta
    Akash Tamta

    A Good Actor❤️

  • UnclePeepo

    He's the "The Boys" version of Captain America.

  • Creepy Guy Hamza
    Creepy Guy Hamza

    US Agent : I'm Captain America John Walker: I'm Wyatt Russell

  • asdf ghjkl
    asdf ghjkl

    He's a great actor. knew he would rise after watching him in 22JumpStreet

  • Mujahid Razali
    Mujahid Razali

    That majestic beard tho

  • Andrew Juarez
    Andrew Juarez

    That guy is killing it. He does not deserve any hate or death threats

  • yoo

    I actually liked the new captain America he's quite relatable

  • Juan Díaz Castro
    Juan Díaz Castro


  • Kory Murdoch
    Kory Murdoch


  • Duane Willis
    Duane Willis

    Aww man, he's actually a likeable guy... Unlike John Walker lol

  • Paul_ The_Nerd
    Paul_ The_Nerd

    If people hated his character he doing a pretty good job

  • Trevor coder
    Trevor coder

    Such a amazing actors love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • bushra haque
    bushra haque

    I love Wyatt russel

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui

    its amazing how tall a 6 1" guy looks on a tv show amidst the Hollywood shorty brigade.