Bob Odenkirk on Becoming an Action Star & Better Call Saul Ending
Bob comes out totally beaten up because he didn’t know he could use a stuntman for his new action movie Nobody, and he talks about doing an action movie, working with Christopher Lloyd, writing a book of poetry with his kids in quarantine, getting vaccinated with his “Better Call Saul” castmates, and not wanting to know what his character’s fate is on the final season of the show.
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  • Chris Alex
    Chris Alex

    This man is becoming iconic right before our eyes. Remember this moment folks lol

  • Literally

    I think the name for movies like that should be lamo/lameo. Lame, by the numbers, very predictable, shallow and transparent. And so on.

  • Nayeeb G
    Nayeeb G

    One of the coolest actors ever. 👌

  • Moment Adi
    Moment Adi

    Nobody and babayaga

  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart

    He trained 2 years for this movie (nobody). Good to see such efforts by an actor.

  • Daniel

    Oh wow, he really is like the characters he plays in person!

  • Hiroki

    Jimmy meets Jimmy

  • Jane Thalken
    Jane Thalken

    what a professional, he always, always, give the credit away and names and praises everybody around him...

  • Davot Hong
    Davot Hong

    amazing!! one best action movies

  • Daemon247

    Bob Odinkirk became John Wick for a moment,movie was great but it was a loooot like John Wick.

  • Will Antixs
    Will Antixs

    That’s Not Bob Odenkirk, it’s Saul Goodman

  • Will Antixs
    Will Antixs

    That’s Not Bob Odenkirk, it’s nobody

  • Ahmar Saeed
    Ahmar Saeed

    He could play Biden

  • santi moya
    santi moya

    You can’t not like this legend


    Him? He's nobody

  • TheArchangel

    He phenomenal!🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • QueVerguenza Que LOCO
    QueVerguenza Que LOCO

    Better than a punisher and John wick movie 🍿 😂 incredible adrenaline 😂 that writer and producer wao!!!! Is a home run movie over the fence •••••••

  • QueVerguenza Que LOCO
    QueVerguenza Que LOCO

    That’s movie is incredible is better than a punisher !!!! And get mix with John wick insane is awesome who was the writer ??? I’m that actor is incredible 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤕🤕🤕🤕

  • Shahmeer Baloch
    Shahmeer Baloch

    he's looking a lot like Chuck.

  • Last name First
    Last name First

    WHAT DID YOU SAY TO BABYFACE? Did you say anything stupid!??

  • Dario Agesilao
    Dario Agesilao

    Just the best movie of the year.

  • Noah del Rosario
    Noah del Rosario

    Please do this bit again but this time with Conan. Kimmel is not the best at this ad-lib thing.

  • Mimsy Borogove
    Mimsy Borogove

    Number one movie in the country...I'll bet right now that Bob is thinking that beating was so worth it.

  • sonny collins
    sonny collins

    I want to see Bob in another trailer park boys themed skit. The first one he did really surprised me. Lol

  • J Mills
    J Mills

    Good actor

  • cpu554

    Nobody was a bad ripoff of John Wick. Totally forgettable.

  • Supreme

    Watched it yesterday. Damn this was surprisingly good. Start was like ok this doesnt look good and then boom. It had great action and humor exact amount.

  • Alex SM
    Alex SM

    I'll always remember him as Artillery Arthur

  • J 7
    J 7

    Jimmy ruined it! Bob was hilarious!

    • Spencer Frank Clayton
      Spencer Frank Clayton

      Yes, true comedy goes over his head, especially if it's not him in the full spotlight.

  • Jude Li
    Jude Li

    Jimmy didn’t really play along with that bit at the start

    • Spencer Frank Clayton
      Spencer Frank Clayton

      Yes, Kimmel is really lame!!

  • kate coronel
    kate coronel

    he kinda sounded like steve carrel at 12:03 just saw Nobody!! it was EPIC

  • John Vanderlip
    John Vanderlip

    A most unlikely action hero! And boy, did he ever knock it out of the park! One of the greatest action thrillers this year, or any year!

  • Tottie Elliot 메옹
    Tottie Elliot 메옹

    Larry the cat reading was actually moving. I thought at 1st it was about Larry the Cat at 10 Downing St.

  • jay peralta
    jay peralta

    At Least he was able to save a stray cat. I know someone who couldn't even save his goddamn dog..!

  • Chriss Carr
    Chriss Carr

    DAMN! Only one episode of bcs is shot, this breaks my heart

  • Jackiechantr

    Great film:)

  • Farengar

    he deserves emmy for every bcs season

  • Franek Gozdecki
    Franek Gozdecki

    That's the "It wasn't scripted. He just showed up, killed a bunch of people and we happened to be recording it.", but official

  • Christian Torres
    Christian Torres

    I wanna see it

  • Tom Cypher
    Tom Cypher

    Love how they skip that this movie is actually directed by a russian guy. Didn't get permission from the leading party? XD

  • Rehaan Kapoor
    Rehaan Kapoor

    Slipp'in Jimmy 😊😊😊

  • Carlos

    Poem was amazing. I guess I knew Odenkirk was a good writer but I didn't know he could also do those beautiful rhymes

  • Pharmit24

    He deserves all the sucess!

    • Mr and Mrs N00bMaster
      Mr and Mrs N00bMaster


  • Cooking with Yarda
    Cooking with Yarda

    Bob you nailed it !! Excellent movie !! Well done !!!


    Fantastic flick but we'll pass on the jab. Good luck to whose who rushed to get this thing and will pay the consequences, sooner or later.

  • Артем Куприянов
    Артем Куприянов

    From Russia whis love) This movie was made whis love too)

  • D J
    D J

    Damn he Better Call Saul

  • I am Arab Groot
    I am Arab Groot

    I just watched this movie.. I love this movie

  • Kroolini

    He deserves 3 oscars just for tolerating kimmels presence for this long

  • Mofli Kitty
    Mofli Kitty

    All I see is slippin' jimmy!

  • Mutaz Muhanad Hammad
    Mutaz Muhanad Hammad

    Plot twist: This is actually Jimmy Mcgill pretending to be Bob Odenkirk so he can scam Jimmy Kimmel

  • Hyeronimus

    The King Midas of acting. Check out Undone.

  • Hyeronimus

    David Cross needs to appear in Season 6 of BCS

  • Yash Pandey
    Yash Pandey

    man his acting dammmmn

  • Karlmeister Reviews!
    Karlmeister Reviews!

    I want to be in the position of Bob Odenkirk in the future...I knew damn well A comedian and a Great actor

  • bydlaque

    Bob, action is not your destiny. You were born to play Donald Trump.

  • The Hiku
    The Hiku

    lol too funny!!!

  • Lester

    I feel that this is the most blood on an actor allowed on ABC.

  • kerth

    this man is the best, he's always been my fav since breaking bad and its so dope that he is starring as an action star! he really fits at any genre get this man an emmy.

  • 오으냉

    넘 좋음 ㅠㅠ 사울

  • Lucy Govea
    Lucy Govea

    If Bob or Rhea don't get a damn Emmy for the last season of BCS I'm gonna be mad.

  • Kinsley Khoo
    Kinsley Khoo

    Bob Odenkirk is an action star made if Bruce Willis and Kevin Costner had a child!!

  • cannabisfather

    what a great guy

  • Zebulous

    I like how he had to ask him to drop the bit.

  • Ace Maxximus
    Ace Maxximus

    If only Jimmy McGill was good as Hutch in hand-to-hand combat, Gus and his friends wouldn't last long

    • Nightcrawler by Travis
      Nightcrawler by Travis

      Gus never threatened jimmy you should’ve said lalo

  • Alex King
    Alex King

    Close your eyes and it's just an interview with 92 year old veteran actor, Bob Odenkirk.

  • Che johnny
    Che johnny common of a premise..a retired killer goes nuts for kitty ..and its 1?..we wonder why mass shootings are rampant..hmm

  • CostelloXIII

    This should called Jimmy kimmel ruins a bit

  • M IZL
    M IZL

    “Nobody likes CGI” Hell yeah. ❤️

  • Pedro de Moraes
    Pedro de Moraes

    alguem pode legendar em portugues br pelo amor de deus .. mao falo ingleS

  • Nate Black
    Nate Black

    10:32 🔥Rhea Seehorn, always easy on the eyes, even wearing a mask.

  • Matt Davidson
    Matt Davidson

    Oh no. Don’t do that. This is hard to watch, even as an Odenkirk fan.

  • Gabe Rezin
    Gabe Rezin

    I saw this in the theater me and my freinds where the only people in there

  • Tarun S
    Tarun S

    Nobody was just an amazing movie. And Bob Odenkirk is a freaking badass in that movie.

  • wavingdragon

    Bob Odenkirk comes out as Slippin' Jimmy and reminds us that the chimp has finally got himself a machine gun!

  • Ahsan Siddiqui
    Ahsan Siddiqui

    I wish i can look this good at 58

  • eraclio

    Jimmy is such a smug bastard: "I can see another Emmy nomination" Slight snub there. He'll get an Emmy!

  • Ramon Calleja
    Ramon Calleja

    I love this actor. He is very talented and a joy to watch!!!!!

  • くたばれTerraan

    NOBODY likes CGI

  • Hexmantis

    when he came walking in.. GODDAMN he reminded me so much of Till Lindemann in the Ach so gern video lmao

  • Colleen Cook
    Colleen Cook

    That poem is awesome!! What a fantastic illustrator!!!

  • Colleen Cook
    Colleen Cook

    Bob! You GEM!!!

  • Eddie Garcia
    Eddie Garcia

    I only watched this for Bob.

  • Sanjeev Kumar A P
    Sanjeev Kumar A P

    Bob calling Jimmy "Jimmy" is just weird

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    I've just finished watching this film and I enjoyed it. I hope this film will be made into a series like John Wick.

  • yong kim
    yong kim

    in movie, he was really really hot.

  • Yash verma
    Yash verma

    starring: A young Joe Biden

  • Erone

    Bob ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vishwadeep Sonawane
    Vishwadeep Sonawane

    They are just 1 episode in yet? Oh my lord I can't wait for the last season, the wait is gonna be totally worth it I'm pretty sure!

  • Ahmed Ismael
    Ahmed Ismael

    Did he just say he cgi’d as black?

  • Athen 0mega
    Athen 0mega

    ‘Nobody is in theatres now.’ Lmao he’s not wrong

    • Athen 0mega
      Athen 0mega

      @Rocket Small haha lmao

    • Rocket Small
      Rocket Small

      but ill be in the theater to watch the movie. oh wait. darn it

  • OptimusWrex

    The fate of a character we know survives to go and represent Walter White? How about the fates of the other characters we never saw on Breaking Bad? I guess maybe they were referring to the black and white current day in Omaha Jimmy McGill.

  • JuvPrimervago

    man, Bobs a great actor, that bit had me believing he was really in pain.

  • Ghoste Babiet
    Ghoste Babiet

    The petite gong infrequently belong because bat prenatally consist in a remarkable mailbox. macabre, smooth stranger

  • yugal dixit
    yugal dixit


  • عــمــر jQ9
    عــمــر jQ9

    Bob deserves everything good.

  • Pankaj Karmakar
    Pankaj Karmakar

    This is end of better call saul 😅😅🤣🤣 Jimmy ...

  • C G
    C G

    I really want to see this, but sorry bro, Ontario Canada even closed their drive-in theatres.

  • LexiCat

    I cannot wait to see this movie! It been great to see Bob evolve from his Mr. Show days

  • The Mission
    The Mission

    Bob odenkirk inspired by The Weeknd