This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
Once again, we've bleeped and blurred all the week's big TV moments whether they need it or not. This week we feature Hoda & Jenna, Matt Gaetz, Laura Ingraham, Dr. Birx, Ted Cruz, Kelly and Ryan and more. #UnnecessaryCensorship
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  • The Man w/No Name
    The Man w/No Name

    2021(G) "Respect and dignity." Furthermore:

  • Kyle


  • Rob Perry
    Rob Perry

    So when are we seeing a poke at Biden's cognitive and mobility issues? When?

  • You Mang
    You Mang


  • Jillian Chauvin
    Jillian Chauvin

    Censorship isn't just these examples....In Georgia, even though Gov. Kemp knows Trump's Lie of widespread voter fraud was A BIG LIE, he chose to censor American Citizens Vote by signing the bigoted Republican backed bill into Law !!! It's 2021 people, is the South so full of HATE mongers and White Racists that the rest of America won't defend our Democracy ? Gov. Kemp called it cancel culture that MLB pulled the All Star Game, but in reality it is Gov. Kemp and the Republican Leadership that is declaring "Cancel Culture" on the U.S. Constitution by restricting the VOTES of American Citizens !!! It is a SHAME we haven't become Unified so that all of us have the guaranteed right to Vote !!! Their Anti Voter laws and bills are an insult to our Nation !!! The Republican Leadership and those who blindly believe the Big Lie of the false God in Florida even though the Trump appointed Courts ruled there was no widespread voter fraud and in Georgia Gov. Kemp ruled Trump's claims were false. Now he cries Cancel Culture when Businesses and Organizations STAND UP to STOP restricting Citizen's Right to Vote !!! I Believe that we are better than this ! We must fight for the right to Vote for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS !!! We are a Democracy not a totalitarian demigog who cries wolf when people disagree with him !!! GOD will JUDGE the actions of liars and those who willfully strive to Hurt People ! Our Ancestors fought and died for our FREEDOM !!! And one of those Freedoms is the right to Vote ! Today it's restricting voters, tomorrow it may be restricting another right given to us by the US CONSTITUTION !!! What's next ? What lie will they choose to restrict our Democracy ?

  • Dan Morris
    Dan Morris

    I’m not sure but I think jimmy kimmel is a defense lawyer by day and tv host at night. Who else is with me on this.

  • George Harizopoulos
    George Harizopoulos

    Those who dislike this beautiful video every time you view subscribe to a beautiful channel Julia Beaudoin. You’d absolutely love the videos. I’m really sorry that you lost someone in your life.😍😍🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade

    please do a segment on asking people to send in videos of Joe Biden, Fix This Road

    • You Mang
      You Mang

      @Lily Jade you haven't seen the clip of Jill speaking spanish have you? Basically what I'm saying is Jimmy would never ever do a piece that pokes fun at Biden

    • Lily Jade
      Lily Jade

      @You Mang what?

    • You Mang
      You Mang

      Jimmy will never ever poke fun at "president" biden cause Sarah Silverman took his se podway

  • Karen Converse
    Karen Converse

    Commercial toooooooo looooooong BYE

  • Dave Martin
    Dave Martin


  • Silent Strength
    Silent Strength

    it isnt called censorship its called medical counter measures in the files

  • Sherry Hesner
    Sherry Hesner

    Love ya, Jimmy! 😍🎉😃

  • New Message
    New Message

    **BLEEP** yeah.

  • jon moxley
    jon moxley

    that Mcintyre one killed me!

  • Sarah Pelletier
    Sarah Pelletier

    The Video is really good and great

  • Cumulus Terraticus
    Cumulus Terraticus

    🔭CENSORSHIP ?🗿🏝🥚

  • Christopher Edwards
    Christopher Edwards

    Happy Easter!

  • HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno
    HerobrineWolf Lord • Lee & Louis and Juno

    0:58 // 11:25 AM }|{ 4//4//2021

  • Iron Fist
    Iron Fist

    “This Week In Unnecessary LiberalShip!”

  • George Washington
    George Washington

    We're gonna see your *BEEP* tonight. Oh boi.

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom

    For some reason, if these were real, I wouldn't be surprised.

    • TDH24Live

      I think that last one with Kelly was real.

  • Truth

    How is this still a thing? It wasn't even that funny the first time I saw it

    • Ram Bunag
      Ram Bunag


  • Cristian Joel
    Cristian Joel

    Hola jimmy kimmel live te amor amen si boca amigo💖💖💖💘💘💋💋🙏😇😍👌

  • h7opolo

    goddamn reupload

  • christian

    How is this funny anymore

  • shalom p
    shalom p

    omg don .jr his was the best

  • Andrew Marcus
    Andrew Marcus

    This video brings me so much joy.

  • Jackie Visiting
    Jackie Visiting

    Hi Jimmy and 👪

  • LoveTroll

    ❝ _I will guard my mouth with a muzzle as long as anyone wicked is in my presence._ ❞ - Psalm 39:1

  • Swordterranean40

    The “were you being censored” one got me! 😂

    • GamePro0012

      I think that was the most clever one they've done in quite some time.

  • Jonas White
    Jonas White

    I got up late as f...but I’m here

  • Heidi Gone
    Heidi Gone

    Trump probably watches this and thinks that it's all about him, because he's been censored (unnecessarily in his mind).

  • James Cashion
    James Cashion

    Omg 😂 the trump jr. And rep. Gatez piece. Im dying

  • 1Juemadre

    I watched a video that bleeped out the words blood, death and several other descriptive but not offensive words. Ridiculous. Obviously the words are in your head or you couldn’t follow the story. If you can’t hear the words,that you will fill in even if they’re bleeped, why watch the program??

  • Robert Keable
    Robert Keable

    Pmsl. And I'm old so a cough could do the same thing...

  • disney fan
    disney fan

    Hahaha i love the unnecessary censorship of jimmy kimmel😆😆😆👍👍happy easter everyone 🐇🥚👍👍👍❤

  • تعزية يمانية
    تعزية يمانية

    السلام عليكم اني اترجاك واتوسل اليك يا اخي ان تقرا رسالتي هذا كامله ولا تتركها. بدون ما تقراها. .اخواني اخواتي شهر رمضان شهر الصدقة والمغفره ساعدونا ولا تبخلوا اخي اول كلامي اقسم بلله علا كتاب الله اني لا اكذب عليك ولا انصب ولا احتال اني بنت يمنيه نازحين من تعز اني واسرتي وعلينا اجار بيت الشهر ب13الف يمني ولان علينا 39الف حق 3اشهر وصاحب البيت من الناس الي ما ترحم والله يا اخي انه يجي كل يوم يبهدلنا ويتكلم علينا ويريد يخرجنا من البيت للشارع لاننا ما قدرنا ندفع له الاجار وما يروح الا بعدما نبكي ورجعوا تكلموا عليه الجيران ومهلنا لاخر هذا الاسبوع واذا ما دفعنا له حلف يمين بلله انه بيخرجنا الى الشارع بدون رحمه واحنا اسره ايتام فقراء مشردين من بيوتنا بسبب هذا الحرب ولا نجد قوت يومنا وعايشين اني وامي واخوتي سغار والدنا متوفي الله يرحمه وما معنا احد في هذا الدنيا يقف بجانبنا في هذا الضروف القاسيه وما معي اخوان كبار اني الكبيره في اخوتي ولاكن اني بنت لا اتسطيع مثلك ان اروح اشتغل بين الرجال واصرف علا اسرتي والله ثم والله يا اخي اننا قد لنا يومين محرومين من لقمت العيش ومعي اخوان صغار انظر كيف حالتهم اقسم بلله يا اخي انهم خرجوا من البيت للشارع وشافوا الجيران ياكلوا راحوا وقفوا عند بابهم لجل يعطوهم ولو خبزه يابسه يسدوبها جوعهم والله الذي له ملك السموات والارض انهم غلقوا الباب وطردوهم ورجعوا يبكوا ايموتوا من الجوع ما احد رحمهم وعطاهم لقمت عيش ولان لوما احد ساعدنا بحق كيلوا دقيق اقسم بلله اننا انموت من الجوع فيا اخي اني دخيله علا الله ثم عليك واريد منك المساعده لوجه الله واسالك بلله يا اخي لو انت مسلم وتحب الخير واتساعدني ولو ب500ريال يمني ان تطلب اسم بطاقتي وترسلي ولا. تتاخر وايعوضك الله بكل خير فيا اخي انت رجال اذا شفت اسرتك جاوعين تعمل المستحيل من اجل تامن لهم الاكل ولاكن اني بنت عيني بصيره ويدي قصيره ليس لي اب مثلك واخواني سغار شوف كيف حالتهم وساعدنا وانقذنا قبل ان يطردونا في الشارع نتبهدل او نموت من الجوع هذا رقمي واتساب 00967715650030الذي يريد مساعدتنا لوجه الله. يراسلني واتساب اني اقسم بلله الذي رفع سبع سموات بلا عمد وبسط الارض ومهد اني لا اكذب عليك بحرف من هذا الرساله واني ما طلبتك الا من ضيق ومن قسوت الضروف والحال الذي احنا فيه اني واسرتي نسالك بلله يا اخي انك توقف معنا تذكروا قول الله سبحانه وتعالى( وفي اموالهم حق معلوم للسائل والمحروم صدق الله العظيم،)، ساعد نا الله يحفضكم وينور طريقكم

  • Yuriel Cundangan
    Yuriel Cundangan

    Her: DDDD's Shaft Everyone: Ayo,Pause

  • Romanos Violetis
    Romanos Violetis

    0:51 2nd time Drew McIntyre in unnecessary censorship 😂😂

    • Romanos Violetis
      Romanos Violetis

      @TDH24Live Agree 💯

    • TDH24Live

      They should keep showing wwe clips.

  • Kay-DC

    This censorship was unnecessary

    • My Tale
      My Tale

      but necessary for the laughs

  • Vilas Dokhale
    Vilas Dokhale

    *love* *from* *all* *India* 💗💗

  • The Magnificent Whiskerbiscuit
    The Magnificent Whiskerbiscuit

    Seeing WWE Drew McIntyre run around the locker room screaming stuff like that to other wrestlers would definitely make the show a bit interesting!😄


    Love it!

  • Augusto Lopez
    Augusto Lopez

    Who else is high right now ?

  • Vilas Dokhale
    Vilas Dokhale

    *i* *love* *you* *3000* *jimmy* *kimmel* 💗💗

  • Agnes Flanczewski
    Agnes Flanczewski


  • Papiya Dey
    Papiya Dey

    It's same one jimmy

  • SimpingForJimmyFallon

    censorship is really overrated

  • Just JD
    Just JD

    😂😂😂 out of my seat

  • udika lakshan
    udika lakshan


  • SimpingForJimmyFallon

    censorship is legit getting out of hand .

  • Superier Shooter
    Superier Shooter

    I got up early today and wasnt dissapointed

  • Cristian Barroso-Alvarado
    Cristian Barroso-Alvarado

    Finally more uncensoredship.

    • Jozz Wheeden
      Jozz Wheeden

      Kind of ready for them to retire it

  • Monky Dollqueen
    Monky Dollqueen

    If you got out of bed today and chose to face the world, I'm proud of you. If you're still struggling to, I'm rooting for you.

    • Ayad Ali
      Ayad Ali

      I am the latter.

    • Bryan Nguyen
      Bryan Nguyen

      Uh thanks?

    • Elizabeth Anne B.
      Elizabeth Anne B.

      Thank you. I needed that today. And to you too!! 😍✨

    • Delaney Willits Media
      Delaney Willits Media

      Thank you for this. More people need this daily affirmation than we know.

  • Human Being
    Human Being


  • Zwenkiefer