David Alan Grier on Meeting Jamie Foxx, Losing Weight in Quarantine & Jimmy’s Superfan Parents
DAG talks about his quarantine outfit, staying home, being in a bubble with his family, losing weight on the Jenny Craig diet, cast-members on “In Living Color” playing pranks on him, playing Jamie Foxx’s father on their new Netflix show “Dad Stop Embarrassing Me,” meeting Jamie for the first time, and Jimmy’s parents coming to his shows and feeding him leftovers.
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  • Falana Jerido
    Falana Jerido

    Love him so funny

  • anwion

    David is amazing very witty OG✊🏿

  • king esseen
    king esseen

    David, the legend that everyone should know about. ✊🏿

  • Rainman

    So underrated...people never mention his name in the African American comedian list but he's that kind of funny you KNOW ur gonna laugh hard( which makes his role kn Jamie's foxxs new show, perfect cause Jamie is same way and they have history together).

  • Goddess Flexx
    Goddess Flexx

    David is hilarioussssss, legendary!!

  • Sam White
    Sam White

    True comedian.

  • RandomNest

    When David said he wants to get back to his birthweight, I hollered. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrick Neal
    Patrick Neal

    A natural David Allan Grier Legendary pure talent they don't make em like that anymore

  • Bobama

    He has adidas crocs on 🤣🤣🤣🔥

  • BobRooney

    You know he's bi lingual. Two snaps and a circle twist! From a male point of view.

  • Love84

    This gave me so much life!

  • EAST BAY Ant
    EAST BAY Ant

    Man that's joe CarMichael 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Linda Nieves-Powell
    Linda Nieves-Powell

    The man has an MFA from Yale Drama School.

  • G. Carnell
    G. Carnell


  • Brother Sun
    Brother Sun

    Yo DAG is still hilarious 🤣

  • Pendragon Love
    Pendragon Love

    I’m sorry...I really don’t expect people to stay young on TV but damn...the BEARD is too much...

  • Quincy Lockett
    Quincy Lockett


  • Dirk Burns
    Dirk Burns

    My guy

  • Fee T
    Fee T

    “I wrote a song about it wanna hear it? Here it goes... aaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaan!!!!” 😂😂😂 If you a real fan you know 😉

  • Rahan Lewis
    Rahan Lewis

    Talented comics but I tried watching 3 episodes and was Lit. just Wasn't feeling it😩 Jamie's trying to be like Martin With the characters.Grier with occasional one liners. Just wasn't funny. Ill try again...then im done.Apologies.

  • Trevin Gaffney
    Trevin Gaffney

    I love Mr. Greer, and love that he’s still in the popular culture. IYKYK, but I hope folks are rushing to the old sketches and some of the movies he was in! He’s such a dope dude.

  • Christopher Styles
    Christopher Styles

    Wow DAG, Wow.. You are as they say, brilliant.

  • Kraig Williams
    Kraig Williams

    One of the funniest men to ever be on set

  • Alvin Johnson
    Alvin Johnson

    I see a 'Black Santa" comedy movie in the works! I SEE you DAG!

  • Howie S
    Howie S

    Thank You DAG Thank You

  • lala ev
    lala ev

    He kept it a buck with the fit😭😭😭😭

  • P_RoC TV
    P_RoC TV

    Landalious Truefled. If you know you know 😂

  • mrgarnerjr1

    Just hearing about him and Jaime Netflix Show gonna watch it tonight!!!!!💯 hope its good!!!!!

  • Brandon Langford
    Brandon Langford

    Love the beard Jimmy

  • pon gunz
    pon gunz

    Loved him in the Carmichael show this show looks very disney channel vibes tho

  • James Owens
    James Owens

    Looking like David Letterman's twin. 🤣

  • The Law of Divine Oneness
    The Law of Divine Oneness

    At 1:33 when he said "Just one nut is vaccinated. The other one is jealous. But I digress....you know Jimbo....". LOL. David is hilarious. He was gold on In Living Color. Still miss that theme song. RIP Heavy D.

  • D Sain
    D Sain

    One of the funniest ppl on the planet 🌍!!

  • Pam Peace
    Pam Peace

    "Gotta song for you, like to hear it, here it go." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ressurrection Graves
    Ressurrection Graves

    HILARIOUS per usual. I want Tommy Davidson to be an obnoxious friend on their new sitcom. It’s HIGH-Larious!!! Support it on Netflix.

  • Reginald Stewart
    Reginald Stewart

    Lol he's only 11 yrs older than Jamie. But I find it awesome that they could pull off a father & son combo.

  • 376ironman

    Calhoun Tubbs looks like he's wearing all of his father's day gifts at once !!!

    • Ms. Rawkii Joy
      Ms. Rawkii Joy

      Ha! 🥲

  • Kelvin Wilkes
    Kelvin Wilkes

    Reverend Leon Lonnie Love😂😂

  • Marcel Hardy
    Marcel Hardy

    The show is demonic

  • ADHD Museum
    ADHD Museum

    Dudes funny af. Super slept on

  • Jorge Mejia
    Jorge Mejia

    hes so great

  • Tavieon Langley
    Tavieon Langley

    David funny 😂😂

  • BEP

    I miss Calhoun Tubbs. Look it up. 🎸

  • Carolyn Bratton
    Carolyn Bratton

    David Alan is such a very talented actor. Glad to see him in new show. Always enjoyed the guys In Living Color till they started making the show about Jim Carey. Then I didnt watch ad much. Show was created by Wayans family but you couldn't tell it. Good luck David.

  • Hakim

    His birth weight 😂😂😂😂

  • She Bakes Co
    She Bakes Co

    David is hilarious.

  • Joseph Bennion
    Joseph Bennion

    Just finished the series "Dad stop embarrassing me" ngl David's probably the funniest one on the show😂😂 great first season!!👌🏾

  • ptproc

    Love David!

  • Robert Kraig
    Robert Kraig

    Wow, for 64, he's going on 54 it seems. He ages really well.

  • J-mall 1
    J-mall 1

    That was hilarious...David Allen Greer and Tommy Davidson are on my GOAT list...keep the beard though...protects you from viruses.

  • Skyla Shanell
    Skyla Shanell

    “I wanna get back to my birth weight” 😂🤣🤣 I felt that!!!

  • Skyla Shanell
    Skyla Shanell

    The funniest part is then talking about his parents 😂

  • Chy Anthony
    Chy Anthony

    Dag is so underrated

  • Shay Nation
    Shay Nation

    Birth weight🤣🤣🤣

  • Shay Nation
    Shay Nation

    Hilarious lol

  • MusiqKidof88

    Love DAG!!!

  • Mason LDN
    Mason LDN

    He got his Adam Sandler swag

  • Mason LDN
    Mason LDN

    They are only 10 years apart in age.

  • Will C
    Will C

    I give this interview 2 snaps in a circle

    • Love84


  • Marguerite Saint Leger
    Marguerite Saint Leger

    He looks terrible

  • Soloist94

    he needs to shave that beard quick time

  • Antoine Allen
    Antoine Allen

    "im gonna shave my beard lose 60 or 70 lbs. I wanna get down to my birth weight" LoL we need a In Living Color movie.

  • Spartan

    I haven't laughed so much at a talk show. DAG truly is the greatest talk show guest

  • Spartan

    This man and legend was and still is a huge inspiration. The great DAG!

  • Makkdee

    I wanna get back to my birth weight!!!😂😂😂

  • O Perez
    O Perez

    David’s sketch of the singing man “Calhoun Tubbs” on In Living Color was nothing less than fantastically funny as hell!

  • ronniet71

    Stage needs more light please.

  • ronniet71

    Santa beard is dope!

  • Beverley Reid
    Beverley Reid

    OMG. This was hilarious.

  • Jonathan Toliver
    Jonathan Toliver

    I watched with this after a few beers and shots and smoke and lemme tell ya this is guy is funny. He had me at only one but being vaccinated

  • Mr David Ashley
    Mr David Ashley

    Friggin DAG! LMAO

  • Lil’ Zen Ten
    Lil’ Zen Ten

    Yoooo why does he look like Mike Tyson’s older brother lollll

    • Lil’ Zen Ten
      Lil’ Zen Ten

      (That’s a compliment, by the way...)

  • ProjectRedemption43

    David Allen Grier is hilarious

  • Daryl Shackelford
    Daryl Shackelford

    Detroit's Finest

    • Barbara McGee
      Barbara McGee

      Cass Tech!!!

  • KingKoopa01

    What the problem is... I wrote a song about it would you like to hear it here it goes 🤣

  • Moreflow Falls
    Moreflow Falls

    I see a possible "Uncle Phil" on for Fresh Prince......

  • bigdogbnb

    I thought that was uncle Phil

  • Larry Wiggs II
    Larry Wiggs II

    Lol! “I want to get back to my birth weight.” - DAG

  • Faith L
    Faith L

    David is hilarious, but not enough people give him credit for his dramatic roles. He’s just all-around amazing.

    • Faith L
      Faith L

      @JaySim DIDN’T HE THOUGH? And that’s what I was referring to. I literally hated his character, but was so happy to see his versatility. He did that!

    • JaySim

      He played the hell out of Jimmy Dale in Queen Sugar. That was my first time seeing him in a serious role.

    • Sonia Rena
      Sonia Rena

      @rell2972 Right, so good he scared me!!

    • Adrianne Augustine
      Adrianne Augustine

      @Bertha Lewis hilarious he always saying or doing something funny i be in tears looking at In Living Color reruns

    • Bertha Lewis
      Bertha Lewis

      Remember him from " A Soldier's Story"?

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon

    sooooo funny..

  • MrAlex3132003

    For David Alan Grier's age, he has great youthful skin!!! Has to be from growing up drinking that finest water in Detroitr!!! *no joke! Im in my 40s and have no gray hairs yet!

    • Love84

      I was just looking at his skin

  • Look Over There
    Look Over There

    Wrote a little song about it...Wanna hear it? Here goes!

  • Thomas King
    Thomas King

    He was the funniest on In living Color

  • Mylsnazzy


  • No1onU2be


  • Kory Millett
    Kory Millett

    He looks like a black Santa Claus with that beard.

  • genomyoshida

    His hands are so tiny. Haha.

  • JP Truth
    JP Truth


  • TK

    David Alan Grier... hilarious dude! Def gotta check out this show.

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don

    OMG... from the thumbnailI thought it was Uncle Phil but then I remembered James Avery died

    • Mathy Don
      Mathy Don

      @Barbara McGee haha RIP Uncle Phil, he was also the voice of the Shredder on the ninja turtles cartoon.

    • Barbara McGee
      Barbara McGee

      Not just you!!

  • Bruce Bruce
    Bruce Bruce

    Hilarious 😂

  • ced8668

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he’s still funny AF

  • Just Joan
    Just Joan

    Jimmy is really trying not to crack up too hard. So funny with David.

  • SURF

    He is nuts!!😂. Always has been👏

  • Kid Astronaut
    Kid Astronaut

    Wow he’s hilarious.

  • SoullesS

    i love in living color!

  • R Phillips
    R Phillips

    The guy *now* looks like Philip Banks of Fresh Prince.

    • D C
      D C


  • Michael P
    Michael P

    Ridiculously funny interview. :-)

  • Carsten Englander
    Carsten Englander

    The willing cherries fortuitously trick because panties mathematically care lest a tender tense goldfish. afraid, jagged prosecution

  • jim page
    jim page

    He’s definitely a funny man