Nessa Barrett & jxdn ft. Travis Barker - La Di Die
Nessa Barrett, jxdn and Travis Barker perform the song La Di Die on Jimmy Kimmel Live.
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  • Raiah Nisha Tapan
    Raiah Nisha Tapan

    Bro I actually like this song😌

  • Sergei Ozerov
    Sergei Ozerov

    Surely the drums have auto tune on them!

  • Fionnan Mcgoldrick
    Fionnan Mcgoldrick

    She’s so attractive damn

  • Mariri Daniella
    Mariri Daniella

    The whole situation sucks but the song slaps tbh

  • casey neumann
    casey neumann

    billie that you?

  • valisaep yt
    valisaep yt

    nessa is the only female tik toker that deserves the singing hype tbh. and jaden is also so talented omgggg

  • Laeticia Diallo
    Laeticia Diallo


  • Andreea Luniana
    Andreea Luniana

    Nessa sound like a angel💕

  • DS.

    I feel like nessa stinks

  • Edwin Wise
    Edwin Wise

    Too much pitch correction

  • Suppose Not
    Suppose Not

    she kinda looks like selena gomez

    • Fan page tutorials
      Fan page tutorials

      Not at all

  • Byanka Gonzalez
    Byanka Gonzalez

    I’m cringing on how bad this is but Travis barker is killing in every song from blink 182 and then playing with post Malone singing nirvana to songs from today

  • Shelby Kiel
    Shelby Kiel

    Modern day Amy Lee and Shaun 🤎

  • Amayah Madrigal
    Amayah Madrigal

    Whos here after the Mads, Nessa and jaden situation ?

  • Love story
    Love story

    This is perfect y'all 😍🔥🔥🔥

  • Love story
    Love story

    I love them

  • Trisha McNally
    Trisha McNally

    This is terrible.

  • سبحان الله و بحمده
    سبحان الله و بحمده

    Travis barker is such an excellent drummer wtf

  • FatBabyOwner

    😂😂😂😂😂😂 so we just remaking 2000’s emo rock and throwing a Kardashian’d drummer in for good measure? Evanescence (sp) is shookith

  • Elisia Dukett
    Elisia Dukett

    she deserved this

  • Lovely_Hearts

    At 1:17. He kinda looked like Lil huddy there....

  • Felissa Lewis
    Felissa Lewis

    The fact that some of y’all didn’t know jaden has always been a singer is a lil concerning, talking about they’re not regular tiktokers like they weren’t singers before tiktok like I’m pretty sure jaden was in choir in school

  • Lilie Halliwell
    Lilie Halliwell

    I only enjoyed Travis the other 2🤮🤮



  • Averi and Caydee
    Averi and Caydee

    They way Jaden LOOKS at Nessa I NEED THIS 😩

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy

    love how they didn’t sing/ left out “I’m gonna be a superstar” at the end, ‘cause you know...they basically made it

  • X R
    X R

    Bro Jaden‘s voice it sounds like he has auto tune but it does it it’s just called talent

  • Bethany Maher
    Bethany Maher

    they’re so freaking talented this song slaps

  • Kayla Brito
    Kayla Brito

    This or Sabrina, Olivia and Joshua drama?

  • Hailey Parker
    Hailey Parker

    Only here to leave a dislike bc of nessa

  • Sofia da BEST
    Sofia da BEST

    I dont like nessa but this song is my jam

  • nyctophilla

    I bet jaden's throat going to be so sore after this

    • nyctophilla

      @nexxt up oky now I know tyou for the information

    • nexxt up
      nexxt up

      no it wont ur vocal cords dont get damaged if u scream with the right techinque

  • nyctophilla

    I bet jaden's throat going to be so sore after this

  • summer

    Nessa is the fake friend

  • Haya Alhosani
    Haya Alhosani

    They killed it ngl

  • so fetch
    so fetch

    yea they didn’t cheat cause they broke up with their ex’s lmfao so they’re called rebounds then??

  • Beauty Girl
    Beauty Girl

    First I thought it was chase not jaden🥲

  • jkc4tb0y __
    jkc4tb0y __

    The tiktokers who can actually sing

  • Shruti Vish
    Shruti Vish

    i love her voice omg

  • Mihika’s Channel !
    Mihika’s Channel !

    All of them have so much talent

  • Avah-Rose

    Am I the only one remembering the lyric when nessa said “I’ll be dead at 27 only 9 more years to go”.

  • Zenaida Gonzalez
    Zenaida Gonzalez

    Just stop the hate you don’t know how it feels you just say because you don’t know how it feels

  • Eh Trey
    Eh Trey

    It's obvious they're lip syncing but the song pretty catchy tho.

  • Teresa

    ok, I was not expecting this to be actually good

  • Captain Claire
    Captain Claire

    They ain’t singing.

  • kasie leich
    kasie leich

    is just me or dont you think nessa and jxdn will be such a cute couple

  • Sumedha Lal
    Sumedha Lal

    I love how nessa says the words fake friends - WHEN SHES THE FAKE ONE TO HURT MADS LIKE THAT. Nothing makes me angrier

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J

    Jaden is lip singing

  • Rora Keller
    Rora Keller


  • iiwery eveii
    iiwery eveii

    wow lots of hard work put into this

  • bon jour
    bon jour

    This is sooo good. They're all really talented I love them

  • Audrey and Marina
    Audrey and Marina

    there amazing omg

  • Tunisia Nicole
    Tunisia Nicole

    Wow this girl is always caught playing. And Jaden is no better. In the first place, I never understood what’s attractive bout this girl. If I were unbiased, Okay her eyes and voice... but as a package? She looks like a dwarf or like a 10-year old whose face got squished bcos everything in it is too cramped. And then she dares go for guys with girl friends. Take the L girl. Idek why she has a following at this point.

  • Bella Devereaux
    Bella Devereaux

    Out of all the famous Tiktokers Nessa is definitely one of the best singers

  • Joanna Nfps
    Joanna Nfps

    I’m in love with this song

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi

    I feel so bad for josh:( but I actually think Jayden and nessa are a cute couple🥺

  • Katherine L
    Katherine L

    why did they film up him..

  • ᴅᴇɴɪꜱꜱᴇ

    ✨jaden's scream✨

  • ᴅᴇɴɪꜱꜱᴇ


  • Анастасия Бутакова
    Анастасия Бутакова

    Travis was perfect as always.

  • Maisee Salvatore
    Maisee Salvatore

    It sounds prerecorded

    • Mooo 05
      Mooo 05

      It’s not

  • Daniel Mombeini
    Daniel Mombeini


    • Mooo 05
      Mooo 05

      Okay lol

  • Chaizen Espejo
    Chaizen Espejo

    It annoys me the way nessa held the mic😆. Btw I know that’s really how the mic is handled. Its just annoy me how nessa held it😆

  • Grace Seba
    Grace Seba

    All that screaming that jaden does and he still has good vocals

  • TTV _Mxtrix
    TTV _Mxtrix

    Why can’t I stop listening to this!At first when I listened to this I loved it and I still do but I decided to listen to Nessa’s other songs and I loved those too like she’s actually talented unlike Dixie no hate.

  • RevolutionTwirlerYT

    I never really like Nessa ever but I think she will be the only TikToker with a music career that I’ll fully support. She is so talented OMGGG!!

  • Songezo Stafans
    Songezo Stafans

    I can’t believe Nessa is this good.

  • ava

    okay but their actually so good

  • pickle rick
    pickle rick

    this song is actually so good

  • シ

    They all did amazing 💗💗

  • Алексей Калашников
    Алексей Калашников

    Накрасила ногти , и что ? все и так видили .

  • Lauren Downey
    Lauren Downey

    I love the soft voice with hard rock

  • Liberian Girl
    Liberian Girl

    These kids are poring their pain on stage ❤️❤️ I hope they get the help they need this was dope !

  • Doug C
    Doug C

    I love how Travis is like Jayden and Nessa mentor

  • Fatima

    Who knew they would end up together

  • addysstuff

    whyd they do him with that auto tune 😭 he would've sounded way better without it but it was still good

  • Jennie Kim Fan
    Jennie Kim Fan

    She sounds like Billie.

  • luvm1nk

    they’re so good omg

  • Amanda O
    Amanda O

    This is really good wow.

  • Ana luiza Santos
    Ana luiza Santos


  • A S
    A S


  • Фатима Магомедова
    Фатима Магомедова

    У меня мурашки 💜💜💜

  • Pre Aura
    Pre Aura

    Travis killed It😍😍😍😍😍

  • Naiá Bentes
    Naiá Bentes

    Normalizem gostar da música mas não dos cantores.

  • Angela Hurley
    Angela Hurley

    He sounds like juicewrld

  • Jai Jai
    Jai Jai

    Why do I like this-

  • ziennah willams
    ziennah willams

    Man this song is 🔥 I'm opsesed

  • Christy

    I don't follow Tik Tok singers, but if Travis Barker is down for them. So am I. Good jam. Barker still a drum God!

  • Roblox Fun Bean
    Roblox Fun Bean

    Jaden’s aggression and Nessa’s just being so calm😂😂 it’s the perfect song.

  • prixcess vibesss
    prixcess vibesss

    travis is so mf good.

  • Manu Souza
    Manu Souza


  • Recycle Bin
    Recycle Bin

    Ok but like Addison she didn't lip sync and actually sounded beautiful I am not that big of a fan but Or any fan I genuinely liked this performance

  • eaintt yttt
    eaintt yttt

    looking at travis was the most satisfying thing here

  • Waz Up
    Waz Up

    Jxdn is trash!!

  • minij hooi
    minij hooi

    why is no one talking ab the drummer cus he’s on fire

  • Lashes by Cheveux Salon
    Lashes by Cheveux Salon

    love the song but not the people (drummer is cool tho)

  • WTHnada

    I hate when ppl sing like this... everyone freaking sings like this now ..

  • farah

    Lets be honest and ignore this drama,the song is good for tiktokers.

  • aexwir


  • Rey L
    Rey L

    this lowkey goes hard