Trump Complains About Cancel Culture, Wants EVERYONE Canceled
LA was early to rise this morning after an earthquake hit, Jimmy breaks down his Easter, the White House made special eggs for Easter featuring President Joe Biden’s dogs, we got well wishes from President Obama and even the Easter Dummy himself Donald Trump, Donald Jr. shared a sweet anecdote from the Trump family memory book and a perfect metaphor for growing up Trump, “Gonzaga” is playing the #1 seed Baylor in the NCAA men’s basketball championship, the MLB has decided to not have the All-Star Game in Atlanta and Trump is trying to cancel them too, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz is the talk of the town in Washington after the reported investigation by the Justice Department into sex trafficking, and since Godzilla vs Kong was tops at the box office this weekend Jimmy’s kids Jane & Billy watched the trailer and gave their commentary on it.
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  • Ramona R
    Ramona R

    You didn’t mention the US Post Office. Trump put DeJoy in office to ruin the post office.

  • AJ Deadshow
    AJ Deadshow

    "Another accident at the intersection of Privilege and Ineptitude." 😂

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader

    Paw patrol. 💗

  • Flummoxed Marmoset
    Flummoxed Marmoset

    Kimberly Guilfoyle is almost as irritating as Michelle Bachmann and Sara Palin..........but not quite.

  • jimmybusk

    You can see on his facial features that he is falling apart within, He's crying. The lie is turning his face into silly putty.

  • dublinjazz1

    Kimberly, you're not wearing enough make-up.

  • Zen Guru
    Zen Guru

    BTW, SARS is not deadly. its designed to designate power

  • Ken Spitz
    Ken Spitz

    You can’t get much cuter than these kids !

  • DIS Tracted
    DIS Tracted

    Enjoy your jokes.

  • Chris Sheehan
    Chris Sheehan

    Trump's not in office anymore Jimbo time to talk about Dementia Joe and the 1994 crime bill!

  • NightOwL News&Videos.
    NightOwL News&Videos.

    Dont forget the USPS.

  • NightOwL News&Videos.
    NightOwL News&Videos.

    😆 exactly. trmp and the repubs are the worst offenders of everything. They live in a not real life world. If trmp and the gang cant extort them for millions they try to bury their business then yell america first. Its only america first if the repubs can profit from it.

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      The same party that gave COVID relief money to Paul Pelosi's company? O no that was the Democrats. Whoopsie

  • Lostt

    HE wanted to cancel TikTok! You forgot!

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      Tik Tok is selling your information to China in exchange for stupid videos. You're happy with that?

  • Mingus Bingus
    Mingus Bingus

    Why don’t you make fun of biden?

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      Because he's a democrat and demoncrats are perfect, unflawed, creatures 😂

  • Deborah Garcia
    Deborah Garcia

    So Cute! Another Siskel & Ebert.

  • jesokingcryst

    Calling Fox News "culture" is a rather hot take.

  • Thomas Beers
    Thomas Beers

    Even if it happens to joe there would be a freak out. If a president gets silenced. A whole nation can be. And when a government goes after guns or anything that can be used as self defense is a government that's not only tyrannical. But it should be feared in a sense. This system needs to change. The people will wake up.

  • Sid Boys
    Sid Boys

    Imagine Something to be a "billionaire".

  • Gloomy Blackfur
    Gloomy Blackfur

    That photo of him with Stephen Miller? It makes me smile to know Trump is still pathetically playing president. He's barely in the news, yet desperately clinging to his delusions. But deep down, he knows he's a loser.

  • David Sturm
    David Sturm

    Wow you’ve resulted to insulting children. Jimmy has reached a new low.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    10:35 - By boycotting/canceling all those companies, not only does he make those companies and the people they serve angry - but all the PEOPLE who have money invested in them - to include the rich!

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow

    2:56 - I think Mexicans can lay claim to the best snicker on earth!

  • Darlene Ferree
    Darlene Ferree

    u should b canceled!

  • Nicola Berto
    Nicola Berto

    Jimmy Kimmel is disgusting

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      We know he is but democrats are perfect humans 😂

    • Nicola Berto
      Nicola Berto

      @لا تشوف صورة قناتي are you Kimmel's illegitimate son?

    • لا تشوف صورة قناتي
      لا تشوف صورة قناتي

      no u

  • Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes

    Oh poor Jimmy How this man is living in your head rent free.

    • Tomar Gatewood
      Tomar Gatewood

      @Chris Sheehan when the ex president is one of the dumbest individuals in the country and says things like " call it the trumpcinne" that's exactly what nighttime talk shows would be fkn stupid not to talk about. See your stupidly isn't noteworthy.........the ex president.....that's another fkn story. Keep it coming tho ponyboy.

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      @Tomar Gatewood network tv works by talking about the former president non-stop? 😂 I don't think so!

    • Jose Reyes
      Jose Reyes

      Lmao 👍🏼

    • Tomar Gatewood
      Tomar Gatewood

      @Jose Reyes so how long have you been " doing research" on jimmy kimmel? I wonder how many hours you've logged in on your jimmy kimmel dissertation? Is" talk shows that make me angry" your major or just coarse credits for you?

    • Jose Reyes
      Jose Reyes

      What dose this have to do with anything about my comment. Because last I heard is that Media Matters owns and control most of the mainstream media as well as big tech, and if they find or see anything that doesn’t fit their narrative they will pull the plug on it. That includes people like Jimmy Kimmel whos ratings have been tanking. Do your research.

  • xavier

    Everythings good ! Y dont u make one video about on goin border crisis ! Wait ur no host ! It goea against ur agenda ! I wished u were bi partisan !

  • Cceptus

    This was a good episode lol

  • sicDaVid

    Religion is the original cancel culture

    • Chris Sheehan
      Chris Sheehan

      No liberalism is

  • Rain Sunshine
    Rain Sunshine

    Painful. Waited 15 minutes for the comedy, got none. Zero. Just more Americans obsessed with their politics.

  • The Art Doctor
    The Art Doctor

    Hmmmmm... i forgot trumpy existed...

  • kirill khizhnyak
    kirill khizhnyak

    9/11 bad joke buddy

  • dan stokes
    dan stokes

    Boycott jimmy kimmel!!!!!!!!!! not funny!

  • Sheeped You
    Sheeped You

    The whole audience is juicing with TDS 🐑

  • Simon Gray
    Simon Gray

    What would have been good is cutting away to Trump's Twitter profile, with it saying this user has been suspended.

  • Dave Slattery
    Dave Slattery

    Jimmy never seems to talk about how President Biden can’t do a single press conference without forgetting where he is, who he is, and what he’s talking about... Yet he’s able to go after Don Jr and his daughter at an Easter egg hunt... Stay classy Jimmy!

  • Nicholas Sweeting
    Nicholas Sweeting

    I never understood the comparison between King Kong and Godzilla. King Kong climbed the Empire State Building and it didn’t even collapse under his weight. He was bothered by little byplanes buzzing around his head. Godzilla is a giant nuclear powered dragon who considers the entire planet to be his domain and flattens Tokyo just by walking through it. A living force of destruction. There’s no comparison. It might as well be normal gorilla vs a T-Rex... that shoots freaking lasers from its mouth.

  • Rod Manderson
    Rod Manderson

    Is it possible Matt and Donald have the same hair stylist in Florida? I am pretty sure Rudi Gooliano has a different stylist altogether. Rumor has it Sidney Powell was doing his hair last year for free because she loved to run her fingers through his scalp. Laserbeam Marjorie Greene Q'T wanted the job in exchange for a new pair of Jack boots 👢. I have never understood Republican taste but to each his own.

  • Nicholas Sweeting
    Nicholas Sweeting

    I do love that Trump is so much of a joke that when his psychopaths tweet about him, the only thing anybody cares about it the bottle of Diet Coke showing how much of a hypocritical loser he is! 🤣

  • Marie Shepp
    Marie Shepp

    What the hell is talking about ? No this , no that , no tRump is the best news , no more lies .

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck Rogers

    Late night comics defending corporations, welcome to China

  • Woodly6000 Plays
    Woodly6000 Plays

    Trump drinks 12 diet cokes a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • madelyn chase
    madelyn chase

    How about you make fun of evil Biden??? Leave Trump alone!! You picked the evil side Jimmy shame.on you!!

  • Don Bradley
    Don Bradley

    Sounds like you have the sweetest kids. Bring a single dad of three, seeing them, makes me hurt for mine. They have all grown and moved on to very successful lives. Thanks so much for the reminder of how precious children are.

  • J Ver
    J Ver

    Still talking about Trump... get A new act.

  • A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?
    A_ WhoIs DrJohnMack?

    The fact your still talking about him says more about you

  • Ca Sneaks
    Ca Sneaks

    The misty vein practically admire because drain contradictorily prefer circa a axiomatic east. tall, youthful sidewalk

  • Q&A W/W
    Q&A W/W

    When did this show become so political? Its not even funny anymore, just another branch to manipulate people.

  • BritishOne

    The world will be such a better place without cancel culture. People will be able to feel free and laugh again :)

  • BritishOne

    God bless President Trump! MAGA, we love you sir.

  • Dora Dennis
    Dora Dennis

    Still stuck on bashing Trump? You need to move on, Jimmy...geez.

  • Darwin Ballantyne
    Darwin Ballantyne

    Resurrection 2.0: climb down off the cross, build a bridge and get over it

  • David English
    David English

    The aboard cement phongsaly stamp because trout additonally approve astride a friendly quartz. furry furtive, yellow temperature


    they cancel but also promoting him at the same time. weird

  • GiftsAndGadgetsShop

    "After 13 months worrying about inhaling a deadly was .....kinda nice to worry about the earth opening up & swallowing us whole!" LMAO

  • YouTube Moderator
    YouTube Moderator

    Biden cancelling the 2nd Amendment and cancelling border and immigration law is a teeny tiny bit more important that grown men playing catch.

  • Xhanthan

    Why still Trump? This permanent coverage just envigorates the problem.

  • gggnumber1

    Fantastic. Jr's fun anecdote of an Easter egg hunt is how he cheated.

  • gggnumber1

    Ex-45 ending his list with "......... know nothing." He got that part right.

  • gggnumber1

    Actually, the CVS Covid Vaccine website was very easy to use.

  • Donald Rappaport
    Donald Rappaport

    Watch it jimmy im old enough to remember cancel culture going after a certain Karl Malone impersonator

  • bad bitch
    bad bitch

    How is any of this funny? This is desensitizing us for whats to come ☠️

  • Markus Chelios
    Markus Chelios

    Trump Jr. admitting he's a cheat.

  • Ali Tahrei Sh.
    Ali Tahrei Sh.

    You actually have became Trump tribune Hate is not the opposite of love Negligence is If you want him down you need to do something for him to be wiped from people's mind not keep reminding them about him

  • William Pietschman
    William Pietschman


  • Samuel Nowe
    Samuel Nowe

    Oh shut up jimmy your not funny nor do you have the position to speak politics you are uninformed about stick to terrible humour

  • Dion Okdie
    Dion Okdie

    Matt is worried he won't be able to make it to PROM!!!

  • Dion Okdie
    Dion Okdie

    NOW that Trump is out of office... There is a HOLIDAY EVERYDAY!!! HAPPY KE$HA & DI$ON DAY!!!

  • Tessie Tesoro
    Tessie Tesoro

    Whatever makes him happy venting out his defeat.

  • Alonso Fernández
    Alonso Fernández

    I love this monologue, but I would have expected People's kids aren't off limits for Kimmel

  • Ricky Reyes
    Ricky Reyes


  • Ryan Kibler
    Ryan Kibler

    It's almost as if RepubliCONs are constantly projecting

  • King Leung, RA, LEED AP
    King Leung, RA, LEED AP

    At least we cancelled him b4 another 4 years! 🤦‍♂️

  • Cynthia Hutchins
    Cynthia Hutchins

    He is a real......know nothing.

  • Him Him
    Him Him

    I love Jimmy Kimmel - but this episode has too much "the former guy" in it. One Clip, OK. Less about Jr. - there must be more other stuff.

  • Rick Flanagan
    Rick Flanagan

    Cancel Jimmy Kimmel cuz he sucks.not so funny when Trump ain't the brunt of jokes anymore.

  • Kathy C
    Kathy C

    Don't you mean the Borgias.

  • Kathy C
    Kathy C

    We had egg hunts when I was a kid. There was always one missing. Until six months later it cracked open. A smell never to be forgotten.

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez

    WHY so much Trump crap? You must ignore him and his disgusting sons :-(

  • Mari

    He’s got beef with Univision? Is it because of that one reporter that asked him something he did not want to answer? Or is it because it’s for Hispanics/Latinos/Spanish speakers?

  • jtomtb

    Please stop advertising Trump

  • Lissa Loa
    Lissa Loa

    My daughter is 30 so I haven’t done Easter eggs for a while - is stealing another kid’s Easter eggs a thing now?

  • Gonzo Lonzo
    Gonzo Lonzo

    If you were to boycott the companies Trump called for, the entire American identity would be eliminated.

    • Gonzo Lonzo
      Gonzo Lonzo

      Like all we'd have left is mcdonalds but without their coke

  • J Fans
    J Fans

    The etch a sketch joke 🤣🤣🤣

  • Gonzo Lonzo
    Gonzo Lonzo

    Aren't John Stockton and Adam Morrisison Alumni of Gonzaga?

  • Alex Garcia
    Alex Garcia

    2055 - Kimmel - "and trump said this and that, and said this and that" lololol my man, move on.

  • Blicky Fan
    Blicky Fan

    The waiting vessel regionally soothe because bongo aesthetically attempt an a painful booklet. jagged, beneficial juice

  • Stephan Leo
    Stephan Leo

    "Godzilla vs. Kong" is completely and utterly charmless.

  • Bruce

    Could we just cancel the name Trump and ban it forever.

  • kiddada3

    Maybe throw in a few jokes about your current senile president, Trump isn’t even in office anymore and everyone is still obsessed with him.....

  • Nicolas Johnson
    Nicolas Johnson

    Kayla Quinn

  • Doc Me
    Doc Me

    The guarded cupboard obviously blot because facilities optically tumble down a unnatural parade. hissing, gleaming pantry

  • Morris De Fratto
    Morris De Fratto

    Cancel Trump and all RethugliKKKans!

  • 031767sc

    kimmel is aweful

  • Ted Uhrich
    Ted Uhrich

    It's the festival of Priapus, check out the Dictionary of Greek and Roman mythology by Michael Stapleton, Easter is pre-christian, fertility based and symbols used to be eggs and rabbits and dicks.....they kept the eggs and rabbits....

  • Wendell Marthetrs
    Wendell Marthetrs

    DJTJ will save about grand a day if he lays off Coke

  • Christian Ravera
    Christian Ravera

    I'm with you all the way, but I think focussing on the man's daughter was a little much.

  • Chong Li
    Chong Li

    At least Trump mostly kept out of the middle east. Biden is straight in there with those air strikes.

  • Steimer Family
    Steimer Family


  • Fausto Gomes
    Fausto Gomes

    Love ya, Jimmy, but I thought it kinda cheap to take it on the children, even if we can sort of predict what kind of adult these children will turn up to be probably. Oh, I did it too Well...

  • Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant

    The only thing that ever made Jimmy Kimmel funny was Adam Corolla.